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Introducing New Developer Resources & Documentation Experience Strategy

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Mar 17, 2014

developer-resources.jpgSince the first day of my transition to Developer Evangelist, mark.weitzel and I have agreed on many things, but nothing more than the fact that Jive needs clearer and more concise documentation for ALL it's integration offerings.  As we've sifted through the work, and aligned ourselves with a strategy and resources to execute, I wanted to take  a moment to share a bit about our documentation roadmap and direction over the coming months, and offer the opportunity for you to provide your thoughts.


Introducing Yuvi Z

Our first order of business in this journey was to lobby and sequester a dedicated tech writer resource, his name is Yuvi Zalkow ... but you can call him Yuvi Z.   Yuvi is new to Jive, but comes to us with an extensive background in programming and technical writing skills.  His primary focus in this project will be to champion a clear and consistent documentation experience that spans across all disciplines of Jive App / Add-On development.


He recently posted his first piece of content, Getting Started > Deploying a Jive Node SDK Project as an Add-On and has more in the works as we speak.  You might want to get to know Yuvi, you'll be seeing his name quite a bit in the community! =)


Introducing Developer Resources

Some of you may have noticed recently that I created a series of developer resource documents here in the Jive Developers community, such as:


Jive Platform - Developer ResourcesThe top-level developer resource, as well as platform integration concept introductions
Analytics - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for Analytics integration with Jive
Jive Apps (OpenSocial) - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for App integration with Jive
Cartridges (Jive Anywhere) - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for Cartridge integration with Jive
External Storage Framework - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for External Storage integration with Jive
Mobile SDK - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for Mobile integration with Jive
Producteev - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for Producteev integration with Jive
REST & Webhooks - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for REST/Webhook integration with Jive
Tiles, Templates & Streams - Developer ResourcesThe official developer resource for Tiles, Templates & Streams integration with Jive


As we progress in cleaning up and adding documentation, we plan to use this documentation structure as a means of organizing official content and direction per integration pattern and inter-weaving it in a meaningful way throughout the developer experience.


What's Next

As we move forward, we will continue to draw alignment between our developer community, documentation and the overall developer experience.  One way we plan to bring this all together is through 2013-14 Jive Developer Program.  Using the Jive community, along with other technologies, such as Marketo, SmarterPath, Bunchball, the Jive SDK and a redesigned developers.jivesoftware.com (currently in-progress), we plan to make it easier than ever to get educated on the latest Jive technologies and be rewarded for doing so. 


Stay tuned, and if you haven't check out any of the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program badges, such as:

... Don't miss out on a chance to get ahead of the game and win prizes and opportunities to speak at / attend JiveWorld14!


After we get a first pass of the getting started cleanup, we will look to community feedback (both past/present) to help us prioritize which content / examples to flesh out first.

  • What do you think of the current high-level direction?  Any concerns/questions that we can try to address?
  • If you could pick 1-3 topics/areas, what would you like to see improved/added to the documentation?