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Owncloud & Jive Integration - Your Files, Your Way!

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Feb 10, 2014

ownCloud is a secure file sync and share solution that enables you to manage your data on your own servers in your data center. ownCloud provides anytime, anywhere file access for end users – akin to many consumer file sync and share options. However, with ownCloud, you host your servers and store your files inside your enterprise network and access them in a secure manner. You can even take advantage of the ownCloud desktop client to sync your files between your desktop and the ownCloud server, and access your files from your mobile devices using the ownCloud mobile apps.




We've already developed an ownCloud app to integrate ownCloud and Jive that allows you to access, upload and download files from ownCloud to any of your visible groups in Jive by mounting this "virtual Jive file system" within ownCloud. In other words, store files in Jive and see, access and sync them through ownCloud via web, desktop and mobile clients. You can also store private files in Jive using this ownCloud app - in case you want to store a file in Jive but you don't want to share it in a Jive group.


But, what about big files? This ownCloud app provides a simple solution: store the files inside ownCloud and upload a share link to Jive. This way you can share files bigger that the Jive limit.


This ownCloud app works with ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition (to be released later this quarter), and Jive 6 and 7. It uses the Jive REST API V3 to do the work, and support both basic and oAuth authentication for the ownCloud - Jive connection. It also supports several filters to show only the files you want including tags and a range of other configurable options. You'll only need add this app to an ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition instance and configure the various options. Then ownCloud connects to your Jive instance via the REST API and you're ready to go.





This Jive API integration was no accident, it was requested by a large financial services company and deployed successfully on ownCloud 5 in their environment.The latest code with the latest features and improvements and a better user experience, awaits users of this app in ownCloud 6.


However, the integration doesn't stop there. We're developing a new integration using the latest Jive External Storage Framework, that acts the other way around: ownCloud will be used to store the files being uploaded to Jive. We've already made some steps forward, so you can think about it (in the current state) as a "black box storage": you can perform any action in Jive and it will be reflected in ownCloud. AND, at the same time, you can also access and sync the same files through ownCloud. While this integration is still in development, we are continuing to push forward with the Jive External Storage Framework, and backing this up with additional supporting integrations via the Jive Rest API.


There remains A LOT of work to be done such as securing access, improved management and access of files from ownCloud, notifications from ownCloud to Jive, etc. so this is just a first step – but an important one! Built on top of the API based integration already completed, ownCloud and the Jive ESF provide the most flexible and collaborative file sync and share available.


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Based on the popular ownCloud open source file sync and share community project, ownCloud Inc. was founded in 2011 to give corporate IT greater control of their data -- combining greater flexibility, openness and extensibility with on premise servers and storage. Company headquarters are in Lexington, MA, with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit: http://www.owncloud.com