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Jive Developer Series - Exploring the Data Export API

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Feb 6, 2014

dev-exp-analytics.pngRecently, and some what quietly last Friday, I uploaded a Video to the Jive Developers community.  The purpose was two fold.  The most obvious reason was to get some much needed content and examples out on the new Jive Data Export Service for developers, but the other is the one that I am most excited to discuss.


As part of our 2014 goals, mark.weitzel and I plan to double-down on the amount of content we share in the Developer community, and not just blogs.  We are looking to kick-start a library of videos to complement our videos and examples.  And yes, increase the number of examples and timeliness where we can.  Our goal:  Activate as many developers to build Jive Add-On's as possible.  In doing so, we aim to share the more use-cases, solution patterns and best practices for using the Jive APIs and Add-On Framework.


So let's get this party started.  First up in the Developer Series Video Library:  Exploring the Data Export API



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To learn more about the Data Export API, here are some additional resources:


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