Forms App:  Minor Update and Big Announcement

Blog Post created by robert.fernandes on Jun 24, 2013

Let's get to the announcement part first, then we'll deal with the minor update...


The Forms App, Now Pre-Installed for All Jive Cloud and Hosted Instances!


What this means is that all Jive customers can have access to the Forms App, and all its functionality, without requiring users to go the Apps Market and install the app.  The app will be readily, and immediately, available to all users of the site.


This has come about due to the great customer adoption and feedback given to the app which has brought it to this point, after many iterations and updates that have made it what it currently is today.  For example, see the following update announcements, all of which were brought about from ideas from customers like you:



Thanks again for all of the great feedback and support of the app, and as always, continue to provide any feedback for the app, or any questions you may have, here in the [ARCHIVE] Forms App group or in the [ARCHIVED] Apps by Jive! group.


Latest Update


There has been a minor update to the Forms App which has just recently been posted to the Apps Market.  This only affects Jive customers who are using the app but are not running the Jive web application in the root context (your Jive URL looks something like to access Jive, rather than  Now, the page redirect, where you are taken after you create a piece of Jive content, will correctly forward on to the correct page even if you are not running in the root context.  Note that this update requires the Jive v3 API, and only works for versions of Jive 6.0+, which includes all Jive Cloud versions.