Report from the Hacker Lounge at Open Source Bridge

Blog Post created by edinor Employee on Jun 19, 2013

Day two at Portland's 5th Annual Open Source Bridge, it has been a blast so far! I wanted to report in before I go into full panic mode in preparation for my talk PostgreSQL Replication: The Most Exciting Technology on Earth. I have spoken before, but I really work myself up beforehand. Speaking in front of smart people is thrilling and terrifying, but it'll be so much better for me not to ponder on that and instead talk about this awesome conference.


This is a high-tech conference, though the tracks have unusual names like Cooking, Chemistry and Culture. They cover a huge scope of topics too, from specific technical deep dives to career and life development and improvement, Open Source Bridge has something for everyone. There is a giant table of Legos in the middle of the hacker lounge, groups of smarties talking shop, soldering and socializing all over the place, really a lot of fun. The PyLadies, MongoDB User Group, R User Group and PDX-OSGEO - OSGeo Groups are all representing, as are geeks from all sorts of different cool Companies and industries.


Conferences are a great way to meet people and spend some time away to think about new ideas. As a speaker, I find that both the preparation to make a good presentation as well as the follow-up questions and conversations from the presentation ultimately make me better at being a DBA. Everyone has a different, unique problem they've faced, an important lesson they've learned, and an innovation solution they've applied, and sharing that information is what makes us all better. As an attendee, I find presentations to be a great introduction to a concept or technology (you can only go so deep in 45 minutes), and a way to think about the not-too-distant-future instead of what you are working on today.


If you don't make this year, no problem! Everything is videotaped and available after the conference, but if you can make it in person, you should just come and work in the Hacker Lounge, the geek energy is strong and overwhelmingly positive. I believe anyone can attend the evening BoF sessions and hacking lounge sessions, you just need to register. Check out the Open Source Bridge Blog for more information.


The Hacker Lounge Entrance

IMG_20130618_152511_086 (Small).jpg

Registration and Courtyard

IMG_20130618_152532_915 (Small).jpg


I'll aim to report again after I finish my presentation. If you're here, don't hesitate to say hello!