Open Source Bridge, OSCON 2013 and webcasts!

Blog Post created by edinor Employee on Jun 13, 2013

With just over a week to go before I speak on Postgres at Open Source Bridge, it is a great time to start freaking out and all at once think of all of the things I need to get ready for in the next couple of months.


At Open Source Bridge, I'll be presenting PostgreSQL Replication: The Most Exciting Technology on Earth . If you are familiar with replication, and you stayed awake through the title, then you know exactly what kind of thrill ride to expect. If not, and you plan on going, grab a coffee beforehand and strap on your seat belt. I'm going to talk about the types of replication, what different options are available for the Postgres engine, and what you need to consider when choosing a replication technology. I'll also cover some of the goodies in the 9.3 Beta with respect to replication. Still awake? You should go! It is Thursday 6/20 at 345PM PT.


PostgreSQL Replication - The Most Exciting Technology on Earth / Open Source Bridge: The conference for open source citi…


All kidding aside though, I am looking forward to my first time speaking at Open Source Bridge. I love meeting new techies, there is no shortage of great conversation and smart people with great ideas. I look forward to meeting you if you are there next week. I know for sure one session I won't miss is my colleague jesse.hallett's way more exciting Mod Your Android. I am sooo glad he is going before me too, though only a few sessions before me, so I should be in full "I'm speaking shortly time to freak out" mode. Especially when I'm planning to do a live demo.


Mod your Android / Open Source Bridge: The conference for open source citizens / June 18-21, 2013 / Portland, OR


As soon as I finish, I can focus on the next week, with my first O'Reilly Webcast! Intro to Raspberry Pi will be a presentation that covers the basics of the super-hot Raspberry Pi computer, why you want one, where to get one, what to do with it, and why your kid needs at least one. This will be for the beginner, afterwards I hope you'll be inspired to order your own and make something amazing. Tons of people, young and old, have come up with just amazing ideas with their Raspberry Pis. Check out the RPi Google Group if you want to get a daily dose of innovation. The webcast is Tuesday, June 25 at 10AM PT, but will be available online afterwards. I hope you can make it!


Webcast: Intro to Raspberry Pi


So far July is shaping up to be 3D printer month. On July 10th, I will be doing another O'Reilly webcast, 3D Printing for Everyone. A couple of years ago, I built an Open Source 3D printer, and ever since then I have been telling everyone how this is going to change our future. The technology has incredible potential, it can help us reduce waste, it gives everyone the potential to create and be innovative, and just like boring 2D printers went from horrible, constantly jamming, barely legible dot matrix printers with holes to inexpensive, fast and perfect quality laser printers, 3D printing is still a little wonky now, but the potential for Star Trek Replicators is truly on the horizon. The webcast aims to be a comprehensive introduction to 3D printing, where it is now, and where it is going. You probably can't have a 3D printer talk without going over the controversial stuff either, and I will be happy to offer my take.


At the end of the month at OSCON 2013 I will be going a little deeper into 3D printing, and I will have my printer with me and (hopefully) printing. I'll cover the open source models and the RepRap concept of self-replicating printers (yes, exactly like the Terminator). I would recommend this session to anyone that is ready to get a 3D printer, and wants to learn the pros and cons of building one from a kit vs. buying a completed one. If you are attending OSCON, I'd love to meet you, just let me know!


Webcast: 3D Printing for Everyone

My RepRap Printer - The eMaker Huxley: OSCON 2013 - O'Reilly Conferences, July 22 - 26, 2013, Portland, OR