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Props is now in Github!!!

Posted by mark.weitzel Mar 26, 2013

There have been a lot of people having fun with the Props! app from Jive. The app is a quick and easy way for co-workers to recognize a colleague for a job well done, to say "Thank You", or to acknowledge that someone put in extra effort and went above and beyond their normal responsibilities. (You can try it out now by simply hitting ! and looking for Props.)

Almost as soon as Props became available in the Jive Apps Market, we started getting requests for new features, suggestions for improvements, and ideas for new trophies. One of the more interesting ideas that came up was to integrate the props backend with the gamification feature. This is a wicked cool idea! As much as we really would like to do everything, we simply can't. Recognizing this, we've created the [Archived] Jive Open INnovation (JOIN) group in the community to go along with the Jive Github Repositories.


Today, I'm excited to announce we have open sourced the Props app!!


The github repository contains both the Jive app AND the backend server code! Our hope is that this will blossom into an open source project that is driven by our community and that you will work together on adding new capabilities and features. We've started collecting ideas in the Community Requirements for Props App document and I encourage you to jump in and participate.


Oh. And one last thing.....

Awesome job getting Props ready for github!


Awesome job getting Props ready for github!

I do not like doing the same thing over and over again.  When I fist joined the Jive Community, I was surprised to find out that I had to go through the same series of clicks to get to a certain Group that I really wished I could land on or to access Jive's documentation.  Long blog short, I used Greasemonkey and a little bit of JavaScript to save me a lot of time.


My header now looks like this:



If you are interested, the User Script that I used is given below.  At the very second, it works in the latest versions of Firefox using Greasemonkey and Chrome using Tampermonkey.  If you use another browser, sorry - you are on your own.


If you have a little bit of JavaScript experience, the (function(){ ... })(); wrapper may look a little odd.  This syntax is used to make this code a self-executing anonymous function and keep the global namespace clean.  You can either Trust the Force or do some Googling for more information on this technique.  This link offers a good tutorial.




// ==UserScript==
// @name        Jive Community - Add Header Link(s)
// @namespace   Test
// @include*
// @grant       none
// @version     1
// ==/UserScript==
     function addItemWithLink(txtLinkLabel,txtLinkUrl,bOpenInNewWindow) {
          var eLi = document.createElement('li'), eA = document.createElement('a');
          eA.href = txtLinkUrl;
          eA.innerHTML = txtLinkLabel;
 = "#F2AA00";
          if (bOpenInNewWindow) { = "_blank"; }
     var eParent = document.getElementById('jc-utility');
     if (eParent) {
          addItemWithLink("External Community Managers Group","",false);
          addItemWithLink("Jive 6.0 Admin Docs","",true);
          addItemWithLink("Jive 6.0 User Docs","",true);

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