The JiveWorld Hackathon is on!

Blog Post created by matt.tucker.deactivated on Oct 10, 2012

A couple hours earlier on mainstage, mark.weitzel and I announced the JiveWorld12 Hackathon. For the next ~30 hours, a small team of engineers at JiveWorld will be building an app from prototype stage all the way to delivery. Because yeah, even though we're in Vegas, what else would we do all night? As soon as we're done, the app will be immediately published in the market and be available to all Jive 6 users free of charge.


Many of us at Jive love Kickstarter, so we wanted to riff on the concept a bit for the hackathon. In a quick video, we showed mockups for three different apps that we thought Jive users would love. Mainstage attendees then voted in real-time for which app of the three they wanted funded and built. The crowd has spoken, and so we're off and running building image galleries for Jive. More news and pictures soon as we make progress!