So, you're heading to Jive World and love to code...

Blog Post created by mark.weitzel on Oct 1, 2012

If you're IT Manger or developer and you find yourself at Jive World this post is for you. It's chock-full of goodies to help you get the most of your time in Vegas. Of course, if you have any questions while you're there, you can always ask me or the other Jive Engineers at Jive World. We'll be at the bar---The Genius Bar that is. So, here are some quick tips...


Find our App Partners

One thing you'll want to do is find our app partners. Every one of them has built an app that's live in the Jive Apps Market. Many of them have updated their apps to use the latest capabilities of the platform, including !App Experiences. They are a great resource to find out how easy it is to build an app. Because these apps are so diverse, you'll have an opportunity to get different ideas on how to integrate your own systems into Jive using apps.


Ask Questions!

Stop by the Genius Bar and ask questions. This is probably one of the best opportunities you'll have to ask a question to one of the Jive Engineers. We're excited about making our customers successful and hearing from you first hand and helping you get an understanding the platform so you can better tackle your problems is win-win. And don't forget we've got the Jive Developer Community as well! You can post a question here anytime!


Attend the Developer & Architect Sessions

We've got some great content lined up for developers this year. I'm super excited about all of the sessions and know that you'll walk away from Jive World armed with an incredible amount of technical information and ready to build your first app! Here are some of the things I'm particularly looking forward to.

  • shoemaker will be presenting in the Apps 102 session on Thursday. He's got has some great practical advice on how and where to get started building on top of the . Make sure to ask him about the "developer challenge" that he had his team undertake. It was a creative way to challenge the team to learn more about the Jive platform.
  • Understanding how to make your app more user friendly will increase adoption and make your users happy. This year, christopher.rivard will be talking about successful design patterns. Many of these patterns are learned first hand from Chris's work designing the Jive UI.
  • Standards are important to every enterprise. They are often the backbone of many of the systems that we use on a daily basis. Jive's App Framework is built on top of OpenSocial, the only industry standard for social business applications. John LeBlanc will be talking about the importance of standards, especially OpenSocial, and how it plays a key role in moving the industry forward.
  • Writing your Jive App is only the first step. jacob.wright & ryan.tyer will give you some key insights on how to get your app ready for production and manage it once you let it loose in the wild.


Share & Have Fun!

This probably goes without saying, but...  Whether it's building apps, increasing engagement, or finding the best third party solution, Jive World is full of people trying to accomplish the same goals. I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of our customers. Being all in one place is a fantastic opportunity to learn from their experience and share yours. Look for opportunities to talk about the killer technical solution you're building, the problem that you can't seem to figure out, or the most cool thing you've seen at Jive World.


And don't be shy about getting your laptop out and showing off your code either!


See you in Vegas!