• Groups vs. Spaces

    I am having trouble explaining to others the difference between Groups and Spaces in our community.  Maybe this is because I am not quite sure about the difference myself. I can see the concept, and know that there ar...
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  • forum post lost to the ether!

    I was posting a long reply to GIa on the forums about reputation points yesterday, and because I took so long, it timed me out. and said that I wasn't allowed to do that.  Do your servers still cache unathorized posts...
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  • Migration from other Forum Software to Jive

    We are migrating from vBulletin to Jive. What I need to know, is are the Jive developers aware of any tools to migrate our users/threads/posts/etc?   There are many plugins within vbulletin to bring in data FROM othe...
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  • Social Collaboration, Team Messaging And The Future

    Social Collaboration, Team Messaging And The Future Forbes The concept of creating a workplace network that encourages communication, coordination, and collaboration is no longer novel, but I don't believe it has a...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Newsletter

    Is anyone producing a company-wide newsletter with top content from their internal community to help promote the best and brightest content and increase user adoption/satisfaction -- or just help users and management ...
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  • Simulate Document Check-in / Check-out with Collaboration

    We would like to have the ability to lock files as read only for certain binary files uploaded into the system (like Powerpoint). The idea was this would enforce a check-in/check-out policy so that multiple people kno...
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  • Do reputation points help or hurt?

    I have customers who take a look at the reputation points available in the solution I sell, and say, "that will never work here." I know they work well in external communities, but do they work inside the firewall? If...
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  • Whats your Governance Model Look Like

    Hello... i'm interested in hearing about Governance Models at organizations. How are you organized, who manages Social Media initiatives, how do you escalate and problem solve when issues arise?    Your thoughts on ...
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  • Enterprise Public Communities

    I have collected a list of online communities that large enterprises use to listen and communicate with their customers: http://www.diigo.com/list/sergeykapustin/enterprise-public-communities     Do you know about ot...
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  • Alternate model to a community leader/manager

    Let me share an alternate model to the "internal community manager" role.  This is based on a case that I worked on, and I wanted to get feedback from you if you think this is a better model.   Context: I worked with...
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  • What organizations does community management usually fit unders?

    At Cisco, we are just not sure whether it belongs in web group or in Marketing.
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  • A couple of initial End user Feedback points

    Hi all.   I really like the idea of this site, and i am sure i will help to generate a lot of value for both myself and how we go about implementing communities within our organization.   This sites user interface: ...
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  • Making it Easy

    Good morning (well it is here at time of writing)     I have just about finished getting the emotional buy in to doing a prototype to support some internal collaboration and communication within our business. The one...
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  • How did you brand your internal social enterprise solution?

    How did you brand your internal social enterprise solution? What words did you use to describe it to employees? I know that the word "social" is a negative in many organizations, so I'm interested to learn what langua...
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  • Does Jotlet calender in Projects sync with Outlook/Entourage?

    Does anyone know whether (and if so, how) the calendaring system in Projects can sync with calendaring systems in Outlook and Entourage?   It would be ideal if tasks, deadlines, etc., created in projects could automa...
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  • What are community metrics that you measure?

    We are interested in hearing what other community managers are tracking in terms of metrics.  Here are a couple that we look at.  * Conversions from website (people coming to js.com then to Clearstep). * Proactive...
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  • Content Maturity/Difficulty Levels

    What if there was some way to rate the "Enterprise 2.0 Maturity Level" of the content in Clearstep. It seems to me that various users are at various stages of the game when it comes to E2. Clearly the Jivers have a to...
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  • What can a company expect if they have no internal community manager?

    I have customers who don't have an internal community manager - that person who is ultimately responsible for the internal social environment from an adoption and governance perspective. Instead, someone from IT or fr...
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  • Key Tools for social network productivity

    Hi!   Which are the key tools for a online community in a company? Beside blogs and wikis, which other tools you think are essential to gain people interest on a internal online community?
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  • How do you select your pilot groups?

    Depending on who you talk to, the selection of your pilot group(s) can be critical, or no big deal. What group will prove the value of social media/computing/software in the biggest way? Who's content will make the en...
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