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Collaboration in the digital world is like baking cookies with all the ingredients in different rooms of the house. Most employees bounce around productivity tools -- from Word, to messaging clients like Chatter, and then into transactional business systems like -- while their content is stored across an infinite array of platforms. The truth of the matter is that a company’s people and content cannot be connected if the tools they use are not connected.



Solving that fragmentation challenge is exactly what we aim to do here at Jive. Our product team has built a powerful foundation through six pillars of innovation that set us apart from our competitors. These include our hub approach, powerful enterprise search capabilities, deep personalization, valuable analytics and insights, meaningful and intuitive end-user experiences and purposeful mobile apps:


image2.pngCollaboration Hub - Bringing your people, systems and ideas together

Fundamentally, Jive delivers a central destination site that integrates across applications to provide a unified view and bring your work into a common experience. That's why a Jive Interactive Intranet is not just a website, it’s a network and an activity hub. Between our out-of-the-box integrations with all of the most popular collaboration, communications, productivity and line of business apps (i.e. Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Google Docs and Hangouts, Cisco Webex and Jabber, Salesforce, SugarCRM, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Marketo and more), and our robust platform support for custom integrations, Jive is the only vendor that can bring everything into one place where work gets done.


Stack players, on the other hand, most often end up becoming a microcosm within an organization. They cannot effectively capture corporate memory and make it visible and searchable across the entire organization. For that, you need a collaboration hub like Jive that is completely stack and platform-agnostic.




Search - Enabling faster, smarter access to information

Jive captures social signals across virtually every interaction in the enterprise -- breaking down information silos across information that lives in different systems and tools. When you search, Jive understands your work patterns, the workspaces you're engaged in and your connections and non-connections, along with all of your explicit search inputs. By juxtaposing your own social graph against the larger enterprise "work graph," our search engine unearths relevant ideas, content and experts that would have otherwise been invisible to you.





Personalization - Finding the news, content and people that matter most

When it comes to content discovery, Jive goes beyond search to offer up valuable information even when you are not explicitly seeking it, and to deeply personalize the experience for each and every individual. Our machine-learning based Recommender Engine surfaces the most relevant (and trending) content, connections and places right within the context of wherever you're working in the moment -- whether that be your news stream, a document, a discussion or a project -- so that you can do your work faster, smarter and more decisively. In addition, our new intelligent profiles use pertinent content, data and information to further graph your network and build connections. Jive keeps you in the loop with content that directly impacts your role, up-to-date on what your peers are working on and tapped into your company's corporate memory.




Analytics - Uncovering insights about workplace interactions

Jive's community health and adoption reports are also fed by a workplace's social graph to help your company's management understand if they are realizing the full potential of their Interactive Intranet. Unprecedented in the industry, the engagement analytics we released last year help executives understand the connections and interactions between groups of people (by office, by tenure, by department, you name it). And finally, our new personal analytics help each individual see the impact of their work (based on the health and vibrancy of their personal network) and make more informed decisions.



Jive is set up to help everyone seamlessly connect and collaborate with people, content and information across their business ecosystem or network. As we've described above, our solution does this through several smart services that can be leveraged according to your business needs, most notably Jive's analytics, personalization and search functions. So what about the usability of our product?



End-user Experience - Bringing together intuitive workstreams

We're proud that Jive has always been recognized for its top-notch user experience. With every release, we invest in making our interface simpler, more functional and more delightful. For example, we bring together logical groupings of applications, content and individuals or teams into workspaces based on meaningful business objectives. These cater to specific functions or programs (i.e. Sales, Internal Communications, HR, Employee Support) in order to bring about broad and strategic impact on employee engagement, employee productivity and organizational culture. Work gets done enthusiastically, productively and effectively because we make the whole getting-work-done experience purpose-centric.



Mobile - Staying connected anywhere, anytime, and on any device

These workspaces are not just available on the desktop but also in enterprise-ready mobile experiences. Jive's mobile app isn't just for content consumption, it is a full-blown solution that lets employees stay productive anywhere -- something that's important these days with deskless work on the rise. How you interact with our product is important to us, so we do our best to deliver a purposeful, device-agnostic experience.



Today, business innovation demands non-routine, inter-departmental, cross-system spanning work that is powered by better discovery and smarter context-sensitive insights. Connecting people, content and ideas to business processes by making work visible, searchable and memorable from any device  is something that only Jive, the collaboration hub offers. The powerful interactive intranet that Jive enables via its six pillars of innovation helps work get done more effectively in both formal and informal settings across enterprise boundaries.



This is how the Jive Collaboration Hub works, bringing all your ingredients into one place, regardless of whether you prefer chocolate chips, macadamia nuts or any other tool to bring about the finished product.



So... What do you think?


Do these key capabilities reflect how your organization uses Jive? We love to hear about how customers are benefiting from our innovation, so please don't hesitate to share your story in the comments below!

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