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Are you looking for an easy way to share content with a group of people? @mentioning is a great way to target individual people, but what if you want to share with your entire team?


A great way to accomplish this is using labels. You can read more about labeling here: Labeling Your Connections / Cloud:  Labeling Your Connections.




If you plan to share with the same group of people over and over (i.e. your team), you can create a label and then add individuals to that label. This allows you to create your own personalized groups of any size.



Creating a label

  • To be able to use Labels, you must first be Following other people within your community. You may only apply labels to users you are following.
  • Under the Browse top header, select People.
  • Click on Following in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Under Following, click on Create Label.
  • Select a color to represent the label and then name it.

Now you can start adding users to this group/label. Click on the gear on the bottom right corner of the tile of anyone you are following and you can click this button to add the person to your label.



Go ahead and add everyone at this time.


Now that you're done with that, you have your sharing group set up and it's time to start creating and sharing content.



Sharing content using labels


Existing Content

Now that you have labels, you can easily share existing content with your specified groups of people. For existing content, simply go up to the right corner and find the Share button.

Then in the dialogue box that pops up, start typing the name of your label and it will appear under Labels.


Everyone in your label group who has access to the space where this content lives will now get a message in their Inbox that you have shared this content with them.



Brand New Content

For brand new content that you are creating to share with a select group of people, you can also use your new label. When publishing content, instead of publishing it in a place, or for your entire community, use the Specific People option, then start typing the name of your label:



What do you think? Let me know in the comments whether you have any other tips and tricks for

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