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The new Ver11.9 from Aurea is launched and available since a few time. So often in software business people are scared to move to the newest version. They wait and wait…. But you shouldn`t wait in this case! You should go to 11.9. Frankly I was a bit surprised about the massive positive feedback from my technical team. But if this comes from the technical guys it is double worth it. And I was curious to get some more details from my team.  What they told me is that quality and performance is high class.


I took this chance to make an overview about the SYNERGY installed base and the different versions our clients use. I am pleased to share it with you. In the sample are not all SYNERGY customers but a group of 34 SYNERGY clients. So it is representative.


Since the poll started some further clients went productive with 11.9 and I know from many other clients that they intend to go onto 11.9 this year.


One famous soccer coach said “After the game is before the game.” I am excited to check the figures again in December this year - to see how many switched to 11.9 - if you like to share with me please let me know!  Give me call +49 172 4518730 or any comment on this plattfrom.


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