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I recently had the pleasure of publishing an article on customer experience and measurement in CMSWire, and the process gave me some food for thought. At Aurea, one of our own key tenets is a focus on customer success – and we love to see our CX Platform customers take a similar approach.


A good CX requires both invisible design and a powerful infrastructure to enable it. This is only possible when your tools, systems, processes and people work together seamlessly to deliver the best and most optimized messages, transactions and experiences to your customers. In my piece, titled “With Customer Experience Design, Less is More,” we discuss how to measure whether you’re getting it right by closely monitoring customer interaction analytics, net promoter scores (NPS) and retention.


For instance, here at Aurea we meticulously track, benchmark and manage to the NPS associated with customer support across our various products and services. In addition, we focus on our installed base customers and build product roadmaps to meet their needs long into the future. And, as you know, our infrastructure products combine seamless messaging, workflow and process integration, and system performance to help all kinds of businesses create optimized, invisible infrastructures on which the best experiences can be crafted.


Check out my full article for more tips on how to deliver transformative CX:

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