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Here at Jive our software isn't the only thing that keeps our company running. We would like to introduce to you the lovely Sarah Marx, who goes out of her way to do wonderful things for our office every day. At Jive we strive to maintain a family-like community between Jivers, however, we often times get lost in our work. Sarah ensures that we remain a tight knit community, keeping our employees happy and our company united. What would the Palo Alto office do without her?






Carmel Schetrit: What is your official title? What do you actually do?

Sarah Marx: I am Jive South's Office Manager. I have a wide range of responsibilities including but not limited to, receptionist duties, facilities management, and administrative support to the EA team if and when they need help with anything. I joke that I'm Wendy to Jive's Lost Boys and often lead with that when people ask me what it is that I do. On a daily basis I do a lot of calendaring, work with vendors and try to think of creative ways to keep our environment movin' and groovin', whether it's new snack offerings or planning a fun happy hour.



CS: Where do you work?

Sarah: I work out of the Palo Alto office (you can't miss me!) This position requires that I be present to greet people when they come in and make sure they get to the right place.


Girl and Her Pups.jpeg

Sarah With her Dogs in their favorite place on Earth

CS: How do you use Jive at Jive?

Sarah: I use Brewspace (Jive's internal community) all day long! I use docs in order to keep catering orders, office supplies orders, and etc, tracked. I also use it for small to large office communication, working with international Jivers, status updates, blogposts, and friendly reminders to Jivers. The calendaring system is especially useful to me when planning social events (like happy hours and the holiday party). I try to keep office communication to Brewspace and Chime (gotta use our product!)  I'm also on Jive Chime all day, everyday (even on weekends) to communicate with Jivers. Last year I was at , right around the time Jivers were just starting to adopt Chime (beta). A customer came up to the Social Command Center (where I was stationed) in an absolute fury; he was extremely upset with his JiveWorld app and while one of us could have easily fiddled around with it to determine the problem and then fix it, someone mentioned that Iain Goodridge had handled the same problem with another customer but...we didn't have Iain's phone number. Luckily, I was able to Chime him and within two minutes, he came to the rescue to professionally and successfully fix the issue and sent a now-very-happy customer back on his way. Chime has continued to be a serious life saver when I need to get things done right away!



CS: What's your WorkType

Sarah: I am a Coach. I think this WorkType suits me because I love interacting with people and making them feel wonderful; if, at the very least, the most I do for someone's day is brighten it ever so slightly with a simple smile, I'll take that as a win. A huge part of my job involves people--customers, partner, Jivers, vendors, and everyone in between--which I can wholeheartedly say is my favorite part of this position. Being a coach is also evident in my Brewspace interactions, as I not only enjoy communicating and collaborating face-to-face but, also on a broader, more widespread level.



CS: What is your desk setup like?

Sarah: I sit at the Front Desk behind a barricade of monitors and a sign-in iPad. I have a JamBox on my desk that, more often than not, is quietly serenading me (and anyone in the lobby) with music. You'll hear anything from Stan Getz, Nancy Wilson, and Chet Baker, to PJ Harvey, The Beach Boys, and the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack.



CS: What's the one thing you've done that no one would ever guess about you?

Sarah: I'm a cliff jumper. Once, I was on a blind date on Valentine's Day, let's just say that things were not going well for him.  During post-dinner dancing and drinks, he leaned in... and asked, "What do YOU do to feel ALIVE?" Without skipping a beat, I said, "Cliff jump." Straight-faced, too (you know the look). The conflicting expressions of equal parts shock and awe on his face still makes me laugh to this day.



CS: If you had a spirit animal what would it be?

Sarah: Amy Schumer. But, if it absolutely had to be an animal, I would have to say a Chesapeake Bay Retriever; they're the sassiest canines out there.






Thank you for sharing with us, Sarah! We are so fortunate to have you with us in Palo Alto

For the second interview in our series we had the good fortune of interviewing Ryan King, he is the Senior Manager of PS Engineering and told us a little bit about himself in and outside of work.


Carmel Schetrit: What is your official title? What does it mean?

Ryan King: I'm the Senior Manager of PS Engineering in Professional Services. As part of the professional services team we deal with customers to make sure they're using our products successfully. There are many different aspects of ensuring the customer is successful, my team does the customization work. This means that they write the code to make things happen.




Ryan's selfie taken from his home office.


CS: Where do you work?

Ryan: I mostly work from home but I make sure to come into the Portland office a few times a week.


CS: How do you use Jive at Jive?

Ryan: I try to never not use Jive, whether it means using it to schedule real time meetings with my colleagues or using it as a substitution for email. The specified item was not found. and Brewspace are always open on my screen (unless I really need to concentrate). I push people who communicate with me via email to use Jive channels. The various Jive platforms help me do every part of my job on a daily basis. I use them to plan out my resources, including locating which engineers are working on which projects, scoping out estimates for customers, collaborating with my team when I work from home and making sure the project management teams are on the same page as far as how each project is resourced. As someone who partially works from home these channels are extremely valuable to my team's productivity and success.


CS: What's your WorkType?

Ryan: I am an Optimizer. I'm always trying to find a better, easier, faster way to get things done. My team has managed to automate a good portion of processes in PS. My team has managed to take our customization release process, which used to be a 30-60 minute, manual and error-prone set of steps, and reduce the time required to less than five minutes, with a simple push-button mechanism. In addition, the nature of our work is such that we work with hundreds of customers everyday and we have to do many of the same tasks for each one, the less time it takes us the more profitable we are, while still maintaining high quality of work.


CS: What is your desk setup like?

Ryan: My home setup is minimalistic and has a window with an outside view of my backyard (trees, bushes, etc.).  During the winter, it can be quite gloomy and dark, so I took a picture of my backyard, and created a Hue light bulb scene, so I can turn on my office lights and have the same colors in my room to brighten the day.


CS: What's the one thing you've done that no one would ever guess about you?

Ryan: My wife and I used to be total soccer haters, we even vowed that our kids would never play. Somehow this vow didn't stick and my kids began to play the hated sport. My wife and I grew to love it because of our kids and now we play and coach all year round. You could even call me a soccer fanatic.


CS: If you had a spirit animal what would it be?

Ryan: Platypus because it's a little bit of everything.




Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself. It was great getting to know you!

As Jive customers, you may have had the opportunity to work with Jive employees who have left you wanting to know more about them. We'd like to give you the opportunity to know a little more about the people you work with on your implementations and upgrades in our new blog series: Meet the Jivers. We're starting with christy.schoon who has helped many of you get started using Jive. We hope this gives you the chance to get to know her a little better.


THIS ONE .jpeg

Christy recently came into our Jive Palo Alto office



Carmel Schetrit: Could you start by telling me your official title and what you actually do?

Christy Schoon: I am Senior Strategy Consultant in Professional Services.  I get to work with lots of different types of customers on internal and external community launches, upgrades, and health checks.  If you look at a community launch from three aspects: Technology, People, and Business - I focus on the People and Business.  In strategy, we focus on things like program strategy, identifying and developing use cases, measurement, adoption planning, governance, gamification, and the list goes on. Even though I talk about the same topics almost every day it's never the same because the customers aren't the same. I love what I do!



CS: Where do you work?

Christy: I am based in Denver so when I'm around I work from home. Half of the time I'm traveling which means I often work from the back seat of an Uber car, airport chairs, hotels and customer sites. But I would have to say that the most interesting place I've had the chance to work from is Tokyo. Fabulous sushi and wonderful people.



CS: How do you use Jive at Jive?

Christy: I use both Brewspace (Jive's internal community) and the Jive Community all day long. I use Brewspace in order to get answers on questions from product experts. I also use it to connect with colleagues especially since I work remotely and I feel that engagement is extremely important to me. I'd go crazy working from home if I didn't have Brewspace.  I use the Jive Community to work on projects with customers, every customer has a private project where we collaborate. I also like to participate in general conversation about internal and external communities. I use the desktop and mobile version of Jive Chime to message co-workers. Since I am constantly on the go I use Jive in all of its forms. From my desktop, tablet, and phone - it allows me to always stay connected.


CS: What is your WorkType (TM)?

Christy: I'm a Producer and my secondary WorkType is Coach. I think this means I like to cross the finish line. I don't always take the time to appreciate the journey. But I'm working on it. Especially with my secondary WorkType being a Coach I think that means that I do sometimes get to appreciate the journey from the beginning through someone else's eyes and see things a little differently (while still helping people cross their finish lines, of course).


CS: What is your desk setup like?

Christy: During a video conference one of my co-workers called me Harry Potter because my setup at home is a desk under the stairs. I live in a loft so getting creative for space is essential. My cat sits in a box on my desk, this way he feels like he's keeping me company but doesn't keep sitting in my monitor stand and blocking my view. The loft style office can get loud at times and I have to admit that I've taken calls in the pantry's not pretty.

christy desk after box.jpg

Meet kitten in the box.


CS: What's the one thing you've done that no one would ever guess about you?

Christy: I'm a certified sommelier.  My husband says that means I'm a wine snob.  It really means I know just enough to be dangerous.  If you ever need a wine and food pairing suggestion let me know!


CS: If you had a spirit animal what would it be?

Christy: I have no idea what my spirit animal would be. I'm a voracious reader. So maybe a bookworm? That's kind of gross. I'd love to say something cool like a lion but I'm drawing a blank.  Bookworm it is.


Christy's kitten is a bookworm as well.


A huge thank you goes out to the brave Christy for being the first interviewee! It was a pleasure getting to know her better.



If you have questions or comments, please post them below! What is YOUR spirit animal?



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