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In today’s business climate, threats are everywhere. Terrorism is expanding to incorporate new weapons, like vehicles and drones. Global air travel is aiding the spread of infectious illnesses that can quickly become pandemics. And cyber-attacks are booming.


That’s exactly why organizations like yours invested in Emergency Notification Systems to begin with: to protect employees, protect property, and keep your entire business safe. Having an Emergency Notification System like AlertFind is a huge part of preparedness, ensuring you can reach every member of your organization in the event of a disaster.


But as threats evolve, the way you plan for risks must evolve as well. Look at how hacking alone has escalated over the past few years: companies now face real threats from state-sponsored attacks, ransomware, and even exploiting IoT devices to gain access to critical infrastructure and assets. Case in point: When hackers targeted a casino’s high-roller database, they gained access through the web-connected thermometer in the lobby’s fish tank.


To plan effectively and safeguard your people and your company, your risk assessments must:

  • Be continually updated. Risk planning isn’t a one and done effort: it should be a dedicated, year-round function within most organizations.
  • Go beyond simply safeguarding data and IT. 181,000 global terrorist attacks were recorded between 1970 and 2017. Plan for employee health and safety as well. 
  • Consider the impact of globalization. Assess how events on the other side of the globe could seriously impact global supply chains and your business continuity.


To help, we’ve put together an entire guide dedicated to understanding and planning for new emerging threats that could catch some companies unprepared. Take the first step in refreshing your own plans by learning more about these threats in our new eBook.


Our comprehensive eBook covers:

  • The three emerging threats every business needs to watch
  • How these threats are affecting businesses
  • The importance of incorporating these threats into risk assessments
  • How local, state and federal agency resources help build awareness
  • The best sources of information about these new threats


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