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Qualysoft and Aurea Help Customers Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Founded in 1999 in Austria, IT consultancy and service provider Qualysoft helps businesses manage digital transformations and disrupt their IT infrastructure through cutting-edge technologies in areas like customer experience management, application services, e-government and resource management. Of course, this kind of work is a massive undertaking, which is why Qualysoft partners with Aurea CRM in order to deliver the best results possible.


While speaking to Steffen Dudda, CEO at Qualysoft Germany, we learned that Aurea CRM plays a vital part in rejuvenating the way his clients work and handle their own customers. Here are some highlights from our recent discussion:


Mark: How long have you been an Aurea partner, and how would you describe your company’s offerings?


Steffen: Qualysoft became an Aurea partner in early 2015, nearly four years ago. Our IT services span general customizing and programming, process consulting, technical consulting, specification workshops, product-independent CRM consulting and CRM strategies, business consulting, migration analysis and execution, as well as support services.


Mark: Which Aurea products do you specialize in?


Steffen: Qualysoft specializes in the whole product portfolio around Aurea CRM and Aurea Email Marketing.


Mark: Tell us about some of your favorite customer success stories.


Steffen: One example is Energie Steiermark in Austria and Germany. The energy service provider relies on integrated customer relationship management, state-of-the-art SMART Meter solutions, intelligent document management and a comprehensive self-service web portal for customers. In order to better serve their customers at each point of contact and be able to perfectly implement legal requirements for unbundling and SMART Meter, Energie Steiermark and Qualysoft partnered on their strategic “Dachstein” project.


We successfully designed a new architecture for their master data structure, which complies with data protection regulations and the company’s sales and service requirements. This gives customers the opportunity to view and, if necessary, amend or conclude all contracts, correspondence or invoices that they have with all Energie Steiermark companies via a new customer portal. In addition, Aurea CRM’s ticketing module allows for the central management of customer-related activities so that tickets are routed and processed automatically to designated teams based on different criteria.


We also work with Hirslanden, the largest medical network in Switzerland, to support their needs across marketing, guest relations, quality assurance, management, healthline and administration for 18 locations. After connecting Aurea CRM with their email, calendar, web content management system, SAP patient system and central database, Hirslanden was able to better nurture relationships with patients, administer quality measures such as patient surveys and evaluate customer feedback. As a result, the private clinic group now delivers even more personalized patient care across all locations, introduced a largely automated Privé membership, and can automatically update all available doctor data on the website.


Mark: What CX best practices do you recommend to your clients, based on your extensive experience with our products?


Steffen: There are several things we’ve learned along the way to help our clients. We understand which project approaches are most likely to get off the ground smoothly, and what obstacles clients often need to navigate. For instance, we advise clients to consider the importance of maintaining technical documentation. It takes time, especially with frequent document changes between systems, but it speeds up the process of adding or changing features.


Another thing we recommend in conjunction with CRM implementations is a SQL database performance analysis. By optimizing indexes or uncovering opportunities for improvement, our clients get even more out of Aurea CRM. In addition, we’re happy to work with teams on optimizing every last element of their CRM implementation, including email signatures in Outlook, BingMap functions and identifying conditional mandatory fields.


Mark: What do you think are the most important trends enterprises should be considering when it comes to digital transformation?


Steffen: In our opinion, some of the main trends when it comes to customer experience management include artificial intelligence, automation of processes and solutions, chatbots and the digital workplace. Just as important is for people to go back to the basics in the sense of making elementary things important again -- e.g. data quality, social CRM, etc.


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