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Last month, our CEO Scott Brighton introduced the new Aurea. Scott shared our inspiration for bringing an unlimited approach to enterprise software and our vision for how it will deliver unparalleled value to our customers.


Today, we’ll get into the details. How does Unlimited work? What can you expect? How will it impact your business?


First, the basics. As Scott mentioned, Unlimited is not a program like its predecessor, Aurea Prime. It’s simply the way we do business. Like Netflix is synonymous with its approach to virtually endless content, Aurea now means unlimited access to the world’s first business software library. Nothing to join, no opting in or out. When you’re an Aurea customer, you get all our software. Period.



Next, the logistics. Our entire portfolio of products now lives in our software library. It includes the latest version of every product in both Standard and Enterprise editions, cloud and on-prem where applicable. It’s all there, and you can access all of it without restrictions or fine print.


The way your subscription works is simple. You can take the amount you spend with Aurea today and apply that amount towards each product in the library. For instance, if you currently spend $100,000 per year as a CRM customer, you get $100,000 towards each other product. That means $100,000 towards Jive. $100,000 towards CX Messenger, $100,000 towards AlertFind. The list goes on. If you choose a product of lesser value - great. It’s 100% covered. If you choose a product of greater value, simply cover the difference. And even better - every time Aurea adds a new company or product to the library - you get immediate access to that as well.


How do you deploy new products from the library? Currently, you work with your account executive and they will bring in our team of experts based on the product(s) you choose. If you see something you’re interested in, get in touch with your account executive and he or she will help coordinate the process.


What about support? Every product in the library comes with our Standard Support, which covers day-to-day troubleshooting, bug fixes, etc. You always have the option to upgrade to a premium offering like Platinum or A-List or to engage Professional Services for more complex deployments.


Here’s what this looks like in action. Say you’re a Jive customer. You browse the software library, and notice AlertFind, our emergency notification system. You don’t have a tool like that and it seems worth checking out. You contact your account exec, confirm that your Jive spend covers the AlertFind license you’ll need, then work with the Aurea team to set up a proof of concept. You try it out for a month, determine that it adds value – especially in conjunction with Jive, with which it integrates – and move forward with a full-scale deployment.


You now have the means to easily contact your employees across multiple channels in an emergency or business disruption at no additional cost.



This scenario conveys one of the core values of Aurea Unlimited: the ability to try new things, with very little risk, and either hit the ground running or fail fast. It removes the barriers to innovation and opens up endless opportunities to add incremental value, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The expectation is not that your entire software stack will suddenly all come from Aurea, but that you will gain the immediate ability to try things that may have otherwise been out of reach.


Best of all, that ability will continue to expand in both breadth and depth. We plan to add new products to the library as we build and acquire them – multiple times per year – as well as enhance our existing offerings. Like Netflix, the Aurea software library is not a static repository but an always-growing portfolio, committed to offering the most relevant and meaningful content to its users.


Every uncharted territory comes with speed bumps, and we expect to improve and hone the Unlimited process as it evolves. For now, we’re drawing a line in the sand: it’s time for a new approach to enterprise software. It’s time that software companies truly enabled their customers’ digital transformation. We believe Unlimited is the best way to make that happen, and like Scott said, we’re betting the business on it.


Questions? Ideas? Your feedback will help us make the new Aurea Unlimited even better, even faster. Get in touch with your account executive to learn more about how you can benefit from Unlimited, starting right now.


Planning ahead? See the Discover Unlimited Possibilities with Aurea (Official Webinar Recording)  where you’ll get all the details on how to take advantage of the new Aurea Unlimited.

We hope everyone had a wonderful, engaging and informative time in Munich and New Orleans! Aurea Experience 18 was an amazing opportunity for customers, partners and Aureans to connect with each other and learn how to do more with our Jive communities. What’s more, we had the honor of celebrating our Aurea Experience 2018 Gold Standard Award Winners.


The Results are IN!



It’s been a pleasure to unveil these SEVEN incredible customer winners for this year’s awards. Each one exemplifies the thought leadership attributes we love to see in our Jive customer advocates on AureaWorks, at Aurea Experience and beyond. They’ve all accomplished outstanding employee engagement at their respective organizations through leadership in collaboration, connections and community management.


Congratulations are well-deserved for:

  • Dina Vekaria-Patel - We chose to highlight Dina for her work evangelizing and educating Pearson colleagues on the value and use of social and business communities. She does this through 1:1 and group training, as well as peer-to-peer resources like webinars, how-tos and her awesome “People of Pearson” advocates vlog.
  • Dori Gray - Dori does an impressive job managing Medidata Express, where she connects employees to each other and to the information they need. She ran a Jive space with 40,000 people in her last role, which inspired her passion for collaboration. She’s an active, valued member of this very community (AureaWorks).
  • ellen - Ellen maintains a vibrant Thomson Reuters community and Jive’s largest cloud instance, with a 70-80% active user rate and 236 engagement index. We appreciate her time as a dedicated and thoughtful member of our Jive Customer Advisory Board, and love that she’s proud to be “raising independent, fierce, smart, and awesome nerds.”
  • helmahmoudi -  At Faurecia, Hazem leads the implementation of new Jive feature packages from building through testing and validation, and coaches users and admins on how to use Jive most effectively. He’s also a big help here on AureaWorks, where he actively answers questions and proposes new ideas.
  • Helen Chen - Helen of Carbon Black leads Jive’s Boston Area User Group, setting up group meetings and connecting peers. She’s also earned an AureaWorks “Above and Beyond” badge for all of her daily collaboration on AureaWorks, where she quickly and accurately helps other members. And, of course, we can totally relate to her passion for Fitbit, Instant Pots and video production!
  • tburak - Tanya does a great job running Savills’ global intranet and internal communications strategy, supporting more than 12,000 users across 60 countries and 600 offices. She’s also been a huge asset to our community of Jive customers in the UK, leading user groups (and fabulous holiday parties).
  • tmaurer - Tracy’s passion for improving Commvault employees’ work experiences through enterprise collaboration tools shines through every day. Not only does she participate regularly in this community - leading testing groups, helping members, answering questions and sharing her knowledge - she also works directly with our Jive team to constantly improve the product. 


Credit: Andrew Kratz, Social Edge Consulting



Please congratulate all of our winners in the comments below.


Stay tuned for our official recap of the event to come next week - including presentations for reference!


Your AE18 App points will be doubled and added to your AureaWorks profile points by December 14, 2018.


This afternoon at Aurea Experience 18, we issued our official announcement detailing the new Aurea PeopleGraph platform. For those of you who weren't able to watch Scott Brighton's keynote presentation live, check out our press release below, which summarizes many of his key highlights.


In both New Orleans today and Munich last month, Scott discussed how PeopleGraph will:

  • Bring value to organizations by unlocking human potential and driving deeper employee engagement.
  • Power several new Jive features in the coming quarters, including contextual recommendations, intent-based search, intelligent news feeds and a reimagined digital diary.
  • Create a complete map of an organization's relationships through a highly scalable, graph-based data structure that uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze different types and strengths of organizational relationships.



Aurea PeopleGraph Unlocks the Value of Relationship Intelligence Starting with Jive Enterprise Communities


Aurea Experience 18 explores how unprecedented insight into people’s work relationships will reinvent enterprise connections, discovery and collaboration


NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 4, 2018 – Aurea, the company behind some of the world’s greatest customer and employee experiences, including Jive’s collaboration solution, today unveiled its PeopleGraph platform, which extracts sophisticated relationship intelligence within organizations to power enterprise communities centered around people. At Aurea Experience 18, Aurea CEO Scott Brighton shared how the company is helping its customers unlock human potential and drive deeper employee engagement by leveraging graph database technology to fundamentally transform traditional discovery and collaboration experiences.


“The nature of work has evolved dramatically as more global, virtual and distributed workforces have emerged, creating a clear imperative to re-establish people as the core of the collaboration experience,” said Brighton. “That’s why we reimagined Jive around PeopleGraph as an organizational ‘brain’ that understands each company’s web of ever-changing relationships. With this powerful intelligence, Jive will deliver a vastly improved experience for enterprise collaboration.”


The Aurea PeopleGraph mines billions of organizational connections to create a complete map of a company’s relationships across people, content and activities. This deep insight will drive unparalleled relevance and personalization as Jive releases several innovative collaboration capabilities in the coming quarters, including:

  • Contextual recommendations – PeopleGraph will help organizations accelerate their pace of content creation and reduce duplicate work by allowing Jive to recommend related experts and documents in real time as people work.
  • Intent-based searchIn order to help people quickly find what and whom they’re looking for, the PeopleGraph search engine will go beyond keywords to truly understand the real intent of each search. Jive’s new discovery experience will leverage advanced content semantics and valuable intelligence about each person’s interactions to deliver better results.
  • Intelligent news feeds – PeopleGraph will also eliminate digital crowding in Jive news feeds by leveraging its relationship web to prioritize the information people care most about.
  • Reimagined digital diary Jive’s new mobile-first personalized assistant will save people time and ensure more successful, productive meetings. PeopleGraph will enable this by instantly merging a user’s calendar appointments with recommendations of related people and information from multiple digital tools.


These new collaboration experiences will be underpinned by PeopleGraph’s highly scalable, graph-based data structure built on Amazon Neptune. Each community’s PeopleGraph will use sophisticated algorithms to analyze its full spectrum of people-to-people, people-to-content and content-to-content connections, both within Jive and from other applications across a company’s digital ecosystem. The platform interprets differing types and strengths of relationships – from hierarchical and explicitly defined connections, to implicit connections with people who have similar skill sets, interests and other affinities.


Following the initial launch with Jive, Aurea will roll out PeopleGraph across its entire software library so more businesses can uncover and enrich connections inside and outside their organizations.


About Aurea Experience 18

Aurea Experience 18 spans two free events in Europe and North America, where Aurea customers and partners enjoy three informative tracks with more than 15 breakout sessions on employee engagement, the new digital workplace and customer intelligence. Speakers include more than a dozen customers from organizations such as American Airlines, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Citi, Commvault, International Committee of the Red Cross, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley, Pearson, Schaeffler, Vodafone Ukraine and more. In addition, the conference offers a “boot camp” track, where Jive community managers learn key skills, strategies and best practices for building strategic plans, increasing adoption and driving advanced community use cases. For more information, follow @AureaSoftware and #AureaExperience on Twitter.


About Aurea

Aurea is the technology behind some of the world's greatest customer and employee experiences, for the largest and most successful brands. Aureas platform, engagement and vertical solutions help companies create exceptional, end-to-end experiences for their customers – driving both retention and growth. Aureas family of companies deliver process management, messaging, customer relationship management, email marketing, project and portfolio management, and collaboration software, as well as industry solutions for retail, insurance, energy and life sciences. Aurea Software, Inc. is an affiliate of ESW Capital. For more information, visit or follow @AureaSoftware on Twitter.




Aurea and the Aurea logo are trademarks of Aurea Software, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.

Our latest article on CMSwire asks a question Aurea’s product team has been thinking about quite a bit lately: Why did most enterprise social networks struggle while consumer social networks boomed? In my opinion, it’sbecause traditional enterprise tools focused on content instead of people. We believe that for a digital workplace to succeed, it must emphasize the “network” part of social network and enable relationships to be the driving force behind communication and collaboration. How? Graph technology, of course.


Read the full article for my thoughts on people-centric enterprise social and an explanation of exactly why graph technology is such a game-changer.


And, if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to check out Scott Brighton’s blog post on how graph technology is driving the long-term future of Jive in particular.

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