Introducing the New Aurea

Blog Post created by sbrighton Employee on Nov 19, 2018

Over time, technology companies tend to “rebrand” themselves. They update their logo, change their tagline, pick a new color scheme for their website. Underneath, however, their business model and relationship with their customers remains exactly the same.


At Aurea, we have a new logo.  But this is no ordinary rebrand. We are not just freshening up.  We have a new mission that fundamentally transforms the heart of who we are, and more importantly, what we do for you.


Today, I am thrilled to introduce the new Aurea.


Let’s start with that new mission statement. We worked hard to distill our reason for being into one sentence, and I believe it accurately communicates what the new Aurea is all about:


Aurea helps global businesses accelerate digital transformation through unlimited access to the world’s first business software library.


The first half of the mission statement is the “why.” Our singular goal is to enable and power your digital transformation. To us, that means that helping you reinvent and disrupt your industry with a host of technologies. The second half is the “how.” We are changing how you consume enterprise software in order to deliver on the “why.”


Digital transformation is sophisticated. It’s typically expensive. And it can be hard. By giving you unlimited access to our rapidly expanding library of software, you can do things that - given the reality of operating budgets - you would not ordinarily consider doing. Things that enable you push forward and create sustainable, competitive advantage in your industry.  You can drive change and competitive advantage that is not metered by technology budgets, but is only metered by your company's aspirations and capacity to drive change.


As an Aurea customer, you will have access to every product in our portfolio. It’s not a program or something you sign up for; it will be the fundamental basis of your Aurea relationship and an automatic advantage of being an Aurea customer. Each and every product – cloud and on-premise, Standard and Enterprise – all live in our software library, and as of today, they will all be available to you as part of your library subscription.


While this model may be new to enterprise software, it’s an approach that we’ve all adopted in our personal lives. Netflix. Spotify. These companies changed the way we consume content. They transformed their industries from a model of scarcity and “by the drink” purchase or rental, to one of unlimited access. In the old days, you could only afford so many DVDs or records. That’s economic scarcity.  Then Netflix and Spotify came along. Now, with one subscription, you get unlimited access to all their content.  Your consumption is metered by appetite, not economics.


This is precisely what we’re doing for enterprise software. Currently, scarcity still reigns. When you’re making bets about what technologies are going to matter and what tools will drive your digital transformation, you’re typically limited by budgets. You can only afford to buy so much IT. You’re forced to place the bets you hope will have the most impact.


To eliminate those constraints, we were inspired by this consumer content model. Bring Netflix to enterprise software. Give you access to everything we have in a library that grows bigger and better over time.


Some of this may sound familiar. Aurea Prime was the first incarnation of this idea … and along the way, we learned that we made it too complicated. You could get this product, but not that product, or only this amount. You could get Standard, but not Enterprise. And the pricing was confusing. It didn’t distinguish between customers who were investing $10 million per year and $10,000 per year. So we decided to change all of that - with the new Aurea.


In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more information on how you can take advantage of your Aurea software library subscription.  And in 2019 we'll be looking to bring to you more exciting innovation - both by organically innovating on the products already in the library as well as acquiring new software products that can extend or enhance the value of the products you are already using.


Our vision is to spend billions on software so you don’t have to. This is a big idea and a big change. Our mission is to reinvent enterprise software, and we’re betting our business on this concept of unlimited possibility. And we couldn’t be more excited to have you along for the journey.