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Employee Engagement Today, customer expectations are continuously growing, demanding exceptional quality and service. The key to delivering such an experience starts with having an engaged and connected workforce. In fact, a recent survey from Gallup found that companies with high employee engagement had 10 percent higher customer ratings than those with low engagement.


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Great Customer Experience Begins with an Empowered Workforce | Jive Software

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams


Last month we gave a long overdue shout out to Helen Chen for her incredible contribution to AureaWorks and other customers in Shout Out to the Incredible AureaWorks Community Member, Helen Chen! It would be a miss on our part not to express our appreciation for someone else that we think deserves recognition for her passion and dedication to helping people work better together. I'm sure you've seen her around the AureaWorks community leading testing groups, offering advice and helping out fellow community members on a daily basis.


We want to give a huge shout out to tmaurer!


Tracy Maurer (second from left) pours her passion into everything she does both in and out of the office. She's like the mailman of running – nothing but thunderstorms or tornados stop her.


One of the many things that really stands out to us about Tracy is her profound passion for not only her work, but making sure her own customers are well-taken care of and informed. We also appreciate her willingness to share her extensive knowledge about Jive and AureaWorks to assist other AureaWorks community members, whether it's answering questions, pointing to documentation or informing them of changes.


I talked about how collaboration is not possible without people in my blog about Helen, but I also think an important aspect of collaboration is leadership. You need someone to give direction and to spearhead initiatives to help get things moving. Tracy has gone above and beyond to step up as a leader in the AureaWorks community. As an example, she not only dove into testing for the upcoming release, but she invited other AureaWorks community members to follow her lead making sure to thoroughly test various Jive functionality.


Another leadership quality that we admire in Tracy is being willing to point out when things are amiss – taking the time to say "hey, this isn't right" and then working with us to correct the issue.  I've personally seen her working through issues over the weekend to make sure the impact on her customers is mitigated. That kind of care and commitment is something we appreciate about Tracy and why she is such an asset to the AureaWorks community and all of its members.


Thank you for everything you do, Tracy! You definitely inspire us to do more and become more. Thank you for being a leader and pillar to the AureaWorks community.


~ Sarah O'Meara and the AureaWorks Community Management Team



P.S. As a little thank you, we are awarding you with a special AureaWorks badge and 1,000 points.

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