Does cloud-based email introduce risk to your organization?

Blog Post created by rachelc Employee on May 18, 2018

There’s a good reason that so many businesses are moving to cloud-based email services like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365. These are familiar vendors with a promise of exceptional performance and ease of use with seemingly zero trade-offs. Unlike the headache of managing on-premises email systems, cloud vendors take care of hardware, upgrades, availability and more. Your company’s email “just works,” and all you have to do is pay the bill every month. Right? 


Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Despite the hype, cloud-based email is far from perfect because it can introduce significant vulnerabilities and risk into your organization. While convenient, cloud-based email may not meet all of the needs of your business as it adapts and grows.  We’re not suggesting that customers change their strategy in favor of on-premise, but we do encourage them to make sure they fully understand both the pros and the cons.