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Over the past five years, we've seen a definite shift in how organizations implement workplace tools. In the past, when a department or team wanted new software, the CIO and IT department would recommended solutions and finalize all purchasing decisions. With the introduction of the cloud, procuring and acquiring new workplace tools has become easier than ever. Now, any team – or even a single employee – can hop online and purchase a tool with a credit card!


While their intentions are usually to enhance workflow, productivity or collaboration, this often results in more silos within organizations. Ironically, many communication and collaboration tools don’t integrate seamlessly with others, so finding content or experts often becomes both difficult and time consuming. Business or IT leaders who are concerned their employees use too many different, fragmented tools should evaluate their internal tech landscape and look for opportunities to improve the flow of information.


Within this article, I look at three reasons why you should work to declutter your workplace today as well as some pertinent advice on how to fine-tune and get the most out of what you have.


Read the article here!

Declutter Your Digital Workplace | Jive Software

I'm excited to share an excellent article written by one of our very own community members, mwegsche from the Allianz Group. This piece in ITProPortal showcases his digital transformation expertise and highlights several of the key learnings and results his organization realized with its Jive-powered interactive intranet, Allianz Connect.


In the article, Michael talks about the insurance giant's journey going from 70 subsidiaries with their own distinct cultures and intranets, to a unified Allianz that's faster, more agile and more transparent across silos. He details four important best practices his team employed to create a gateway to the company's worldwide people and knowledge:


  1. Take Small Steps that Make Immediate Impact

  2. Translate Local Wins into a Global Transformation

  3. Embrace a Different Kind of Global Corporate Communication

  4. Use the Interactive Intranet to Accelerate Cultural Change


Read the full article for more great insights here:

Four keys to global digital transformation success | ITProPortal


What else have you learned along your company's digital transformation evolution?

I recently had the pleasure of publishing an article on customer experience and measurement in CMSWire, and the process gave me some food for thought. At Aurea, one of our own key tenets is a focus on customer success – and we love to see our CX Platform customers take a similar approach.


A good CX requires both invisible design and a powerful infrastructure to enable it. This is only possible when your tools, systems, processes and people work together seamlessly to deliver the best and most optimized messages, transactions and experiences to your customers. In my piece, titled “With Customer Experience Design, Less is More,” we discuss how to measure whether you’re getting it right by closely monitoring customer interaction analytics, net promoter scores (NPS) and retention.


For instance, here at Aurea we meticulously track, benchmark and manage to the NPS associated with customer support across our various products and services. In addition, we focus on our installed base customers and build product roadmaps to meet their needs long into the future. And, as you know, our infrastructure products combine seamless messaging, workflow and process integration, and system performance to help all kinds of businesses create optimized, invisible infrastructures on which the best experiences can be crafted.


Check out my full article for more tips on how to deliver transformative CX:

I worked at an amusement park in high school, and was told to "be patient and understanding when you get asked the same questions over and over. While you may have answered that question dozens of times already, it's probably the first time that guest has asked that question."


That doesn't seem like a very efficient process, does it? Rather than pay someone to stand around answering the same question repeatedly, why not streamline and simplify to save time, labor and resources? While it may be an inevitable reality at an amusement park, most corporations operate in a similar way. Think about when your IT team sends out an email blast informing employees of a required security training. IT then spends the next several days fielding one-off questions and troubleshooting through email. What a waste of productivity and resources!


Read the article here!

Collaborate and Communicate Better With an Interactive Intranet | Jive Software

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