Judith Rich

NewsCred ThinkContent Summit FTW

Blog Post created by Judith Rich on Jun 7, 2016

Last week, the Jive Creative & Content team spent some quality time in NYC, soaking up lots of content marketing awesomeness at the NewsCred #ThinkContent Summit.  The annual event, united more than 1,000 marketers from some of the best global and local companies.  An incredible amount of energy filled the mainstage as well as the exhibit hall, producing much inspiration, ideas and obviously fun! 

IMG_7377.JPGMy Jive partner in crime, molly.elwood and me at the Newscred #ThinkContent Summit selfie station.


You'll no doubt hear from Molly about all the interesting content and sessions presented at the conference, but here I'd like to share with you a few key strategic themes that stood out to me--ones that content marketers should take note of. 


Theme 1 - Content Marketing is here to stay


Most have probably heard the phrase, Content is King ad nauseom and while most experts we heard from that day wouldn't put it in those words, the overflowing room of content marketers and experts was testament to how this rang true.  I loved how Alex Cheeseman, Head of Global Marketing Solutions at NewsCred put it when he said that Content is marketing.  And good content is also about timing! "When you get the right piece of content to the right person at the right time, you're creating an ecosystem that allows people to create their journey." In other words, to produce content that people will truly engage with, you have to personalize it to them and make it worth their while. 

Theme 2 - Let others tell your story

IMG_7389.JPGUGC of course played a huge role at the conference and personally got me inspired about the authentic stories that ones customer can tell.  Meaningful experiences coming from a customer's perspective not only feel genuine to others, they're the absolute truth.  I enjoyed hearing about various forms of UGC content including on consumer platforms such as Instagram but also through a B2B lens at companies such as First Round Capital, JP Morgan Chase, and Emerson.  While the latter group holds the misconception of being traditional in their content approach, I was pleasantly surprised about their innovative content formats that helped these companies stand out - long form, narrative content being one of them.


Theme 3 - All content should have business purpose

IMG_7370.JPGIt's easy to forget sometimes why as marketers we go through the trouble of making content. And while it should absolutely be interesting, informative and entertaining, above all else, content must have business value.  In his powerful keynote, Co-founder and CEO of NewsCred, Shafqat Islam put it best when he said that in creating effective content, brands shouldn't treat themselves as publishers (yes, another cliche phrase) but that their goals should be to drive an action (aka a purchase). Think about that next time you sit down to plan your next content initiative - I know it'll certainly be in the back of my head.


These are just a few things that got me excited at last week's conference.  molly.elwood will no doubt have other juicy insights for you to enjoy.  If you're feeling inspired, I encourage you to peruse NewsCred's site, as well as their own event recap on their blog.  Enjoy and get content happy!