Libby Taylor

Phat beats with Jive rapper-poet Jared Smith-Mickelson

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Nov 17, 2014

Just in case you thought there would be a lack of fun after JiveWorld, I can reassure you that fun is indeed a corporate value at Jive and we plan to keep it coming!


To brighten up your Monday morning, I have a special treat for you. is a VP in Jive's engineering department. When he's not working to make Jive more amazing, he's sharpening his secret superhero powers as a fabulous poet and up-and-coming rapper.


Jared tells us why he came up with this poem, "The next time I'm at a cocktail party and someone asks me what is Jive?, I'm going to tell them this."


Makes perfect sense to me.


Watch Jared's passionate rendition of his Jive Cocktail Poem: