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How I Work: An Interview with Crystalee Beck of MarketStar

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Nov 4, 2014

I had the great pleasure of meeting cbeck for the first time at JiveWorld14 after she won the Jive Workstyle Award! In case you missed the big news, you can check it out here: Announcing the 2014 Jive Award Winners!


Let's get on with the interview!


Libby: Where do you work?

Crystalee: I work at MarketStar, a subsidiary of Omnicom. We do outsourced sales and marketing for some of the world's biggest brands. As a global company with offices in many locations, we are headquartered in the charming mountain town of Ogden, Utah, 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City.


LT: How would you describe your current job?

Crystalee: I'm MarketStar's (first ever!) Social Community Manager and oversee our Jive-powered social intranets, MarketStar Connect and Connect with Create. Like any community manager, I keep several plates spinning at all times. I consult with departments and executives on engagement strategies, drive content for our home page, coordinate our Steering Committee, guide the vision for our product road map, host our monthly Team Champ trainings; basically, managing and supporting all things Connect. Internal communication intrigues me – I love the power of connecting people through strategic, FUN engagement. (Perhaps it’s the student government girl in me coming out?) A wordsmith at heart, I serve as the editor of our internal magazine, and get to be part of some really neat committees.

How I Work - Crystalee Small image.jpg


Libby: And you won the Jive Workstyle Award at JiveWorld14! Congratulations! How does that feel?

Crystalee: Incredible! The highlight of my community management experience thus far, it felt surreal to be on Main Stage at JiveWorld, participate in the "human collaboration machine" and receive the award on behalf of MarketStar. I can't claim the award alone - it belongs to our whole community, and I'm thankful for those who took the time to vote for our video. A special thank you to ultra-creative p.siddoway who filmed and painstakingly edited our video entry and my supportive boss, who encouraged us to enter the Workstyle contest in the first place.

Libby: Are you familiar with the Jive WorkTypes? If so, what was your WorkType? 

Crystalee: Yes, I took the WorkType quiz at JiveWorld the first day, and proudly wore my ENERGIZER tag throughout the conference.

LT: How do you think your WorkType plays into how you get work done in Jive?

Crystalee: As described in the quiz results, Energizers are the "go-to people for achieving the impossible." I think this reflects two areas that matter a lot to me professionally: getting things done and uniting people for a cause. Nothing happens without a catalyst and I like to think I stir the pot for our community.

LT: Did your team have a chance to take the WorkType Finder quiz? Have you all talked about your results?

Crystalee: Those who attended JiveWorld took the quiz, and we had a few Explorers in our midst, which accurately reflects their idea-hashing talents.


LT: What was your favorite part of attending JiveWorld this year?

Crystalee: What wasn't to love about JiveWorld 2014!? Well, I do have one recommendation for the development team: Perhaps the all-knowing JiveWorld app could include a cloning machine? Then I could have attended more sessions simultaneously, spent time with the running and yoga groups at the same time (instead of one day of each), and had the omnipresent ability to meet every single attendee. Also, while I raved on Twitter about the OK GO concert, Syyn Labs' wicked cool video presentations, and soon-to-be-released updates from Jive, the best part of the JiveWorld really is the amazing people. I gain so much from interacting with other community-minded professionals. It's inspiring to see how passionate and creative others are with their communities. It energizes me, and renews my desire to improve our company's communities.


LT: So how do you use Jive at work (internal community, external community, etc.)?

Crystalee: Both! We have internal communities (two of them, with almost 3,000 employees between them), and a Connect+ product, which our clients use. For Connect+, we’ve partnered with Jive to create a really compelling way for brands to connect (pun intended) with sales associates through trainings, gamification, and more. Our Connect+ platform also helps partners drive sales. (Readers: Let me know if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll get you in touch with our award-winning Connect+ team.)


LT: What's your computer deal... Do you use a Mac or PC (or something else)?

Crystalee: While I love the sleekness of Apple, I’m quite dedicated to an Android ecosystem. Irony: I'm holding a Mac in my profile picture. It's not mine.


LT: How about your mobile device?

Crystalee: Despite my interest in technology and communication, I’m not an early adopter, and don’t mind user older editions. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3. Works for me!


LT: Pick one word that best describes how you work:

Crystalee: Hummingbird-esque: I find myself flitting between many things.



   Hummingbirds are tiny acrobatic geniuses. Go Crystalee!


LT: Besides Jive, what apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Crystalee: Like amccuen in a previous interview, I’m quite dependent on my Outlook email for work. I’m also a bit obsessed with the Snipping Tool, which I use every day to capture/share happenings on MarketStar Connect.


In my personal life, I love and rely on the Mint app. It’s free financial software from Intuit. To me, Mint gamifies saving and spending by keeping track and spitting out personalized spending reports. I make it a game to keep our “total assets” number as high as possible. (My husband laughs at how I’ll get excited if I have dollar bills to spend, because “Mint won’t know” I spent them.)


LT: Do you have a favorite non-computer gadget?

Crystalee: Besides my smartphone? Eh…not really. #NewMom: I’m now living a life of “baby gadgets.”


Crystalee with baby_lores.jpg

   What a cute little Jiver-in-training!


LT: Congrats on your baby! As a new mom, I know it can be challenging, so how do you stay organized? What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Crystalee: I’ll admit it: I’m quite old school when it comes to time management. I’ve tried a few different “task trackers,” but always end up going back to my basics. I write out 10 “Goals of the Week” on Mondays, which include my bigger items to accomplish. Then I have detail-focused lists for each day. I physically write them out, and find more satisfaction in manually crossing things off than deleting them from a document.


LT: What you surround yourself with is important, what's your workspace like?

Crystalee: Ever since being a flight attendant, I’ve kept a large map at my desk. It used to be a United States map, as I would plot out my next state to see. When I made it to all 50 states at age 25, I upgraded to a world map. I’m an adventuring soul, and this way it feels the whole world is (literally) within my reach. I keep books (especially my AP Style Guide) at arm’s length, and hang up company awards and mementos I’m proud of – like the “Grand Opening Day” poster for MarketStar Connect from last summer. Of course, my baby girl has a nice framed picture, and my husband gets a shout out in our heart-studded wedding photo (don't laugh!)


Crystalee Beck_Comm Mgr_edit.jpg

   See Crystalee in action at her desk in MarketStar's WorkStyle video: Workstyle Award Entry: MarketStar


LT: What do you listen to while you work?

Crystalee: I get a kick out of listening to my co-workers chatterings. Right next to me are some of the smartest (and most pop culture savvy) people I’ve met. Whether it’s debating a Star Wars movie, or discussing the importance of Legos, I’m constantly being educated by proximity. My most-oft-visited Pandora station: “Film Score Radio.” I concentrate best with epic instrumental themes, sans the distraction of lyrics.


LT: What's your best time-saving trick?

Crystalee: I lead a walkable life, living a mere four blocks from my office. I know not everyone can do that, but I give myself back an hour (or more) every day by skipping a long commute. Trick to share? I could kiss the person who invented the Crock Pot! Set it and forget it, baby, and make enough to have a couple lunches during the work week.


LT: How do you balance work and life?

Crystalee: Isn’t that the constant question? Aren’t we all figuring that one out? I’m a new mom, with a crawling eight-month-old. (Watch out, world!) Since she’s my new priority, I do my best to really leave work at work. Sometimes I leave the office later than planned, but I make an effort to keep my weekends and evening dedicated to family time.


Crystalee for facebook.PNG


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Crystalee: Well, now that little lady sleeps so consistently through the night (can I get a hallelujah!?), I’m fortunate to get a good 7-8 hours a night. Generally go to bed about 10:30 p.m. and wake up about 6:30 a.m. to workout.


LT: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Crystalee: Extrovert. I was voted “Friendliest” of my high school senior class, and still get a serious kick out of meeting new people. While I love our online community, face-to-face time really can’t be duplicated  – if you’re reading this and going to JiveWorld, say hello!


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Crystalee: “Enjoy it while it lasts.” I wrote a blog post about how a mentor of mine at MarketStar said this to me, just when I needed to hear it. When I truly live that phrase, and focus on the positives, I’m happy. After all, I’ll never pass by this way again, and want to leave a helpful wake in my path. Thank you for having me, Libby!


Crystalee, it was my pleasure!

My great thanks to cbeck  for her responses to this interview!