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Jive Workstyle Award: Deadline is September 8!

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Sep 2, 2014

Calling All Community Managers!


There’s still time to submit your entry for the Jive Workstyle Award: The deadline has been extended to September 8th, 2014.


We know that working in Jive changes lives. We've heard that from you!

This is your chance to share how using Jive has changed the way your company works.

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We want to hear your community members’ stories, their transformational experiences, and the day-to-day improvements in how they get work done.


So put that camera on your phone to good use and capture stories from your community that epitomize your company's workstyle. Submit entries to


Jive will select the top 5 entries and post them in the Jive Community. Then community members will “like” the stories that they feel are most compelling. Based on the voting, a winner will be revealed on stage at JiveWorld14.


Submission Guidelines

Your submission for the JiveWorld Workstyle Award should be a colorful, engaging story, and answer the question: “How has your Jive community helped you work better together?”


Create a 90-second video showing your community members engaging with the platform to change the way work gets done. Capture member stories about why they love their community and get creative in telling about it! Let us hear from members how the community has helped them connect, communicate and collaborate with others.  Have fun with it!


Submitting Your Entry:

Videos may be down-sampled and attached to the submittal or posted on YouTube, Box, DropBox or Google Drive with a link sent via email. Any entry submitted to Jive will be posted to external websites and used externally for promotional purposes.


In your submission email message, be sure to include your:


  •     Name
  •     Job Title
  •     Company
  •     Contact information
  •     Community name
  •     Is it external or internal?
  •     Title of your entry


Send your entry: Email to by September 8th, 2014.


For more information on this award, check the details on our web site!


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