Recap and Insights from T-Mobile Keynote by Krissy Espindola

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kespin (@KrissyEspindola), Director Knowledge Management and Social Support at T-Moble kicked off Mainstage brilliantly today.


Today consumers live in the world of NOW. There was a need to create scalable social programs for T-Mobile customers to share their views freely. Before T-Mobile launched Jive, they were working in silos with little collaboration and limited visibility into the customer experience. There was no true picture of the real-time customer experience even though the cornerstone of T-Mobile's brand promise is the customer experience.


Jive helps T-Mobile deliver on the brand promise of being the un-carrier and a customer-centric organization. Conversations linked to real people created transparency and accountability as well as created a unified environment. T-Mobile finally was able to understand what the customers were saying, and therefore know how to innovate to fit their needs. T-Mobile's social strategy is to listen, engage and resolve. T-Mobile started with a pilot of Jive, and now Jive is used across 4 brands, 17 US call centers, 18 international call centers, and gets over 730 million views a year across all Jive instances.


T-Mobile has been able to see incredible improvements in business through customer service. Here's a peek at some of their key metrics:

  • Reduced FTE by 67%
  • Saved $8 million over 3 years
  • CSAT: 31% improvement
  • Call Deflection: 40% improvement
  • Call team has increased productivity by 20%
  • Reduced call backs
  • Resolving cross channel gaps
  • myVOC improved

Krissy Espindola left us with three key takeaways from T-Mobile's social business experience:

  • Be un-traditional  - Take risks and try something new to achieve your goals.
  • Be un-filtered – Allow tough conversations to take place. You're able to learn more about your brand and your employees.
  • Be un-stoppable – T-Mobile believes their continued partnership with Jive makes them unstoppable.


Mainstage buzz through Tweets:

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