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The B2B Summer School Series kicked off with James Ninnivaggi of SiriusDecisions showing us how to make those crucial hours in the work week we dedicate to actually selling more productive and more effective (SlideShare). Next, James Cater and Lauren Klein of Hitachi Data Systems went in-depth about their own account management transformation and how Jive's social platform helped them enable their customers with the tools to be able to touch and reach into all parts of Hitachi Data Systems rather than settle for the traditional one-to-one relationship (SlideShare).


And now joining us for our final installment in the B2B Summer School series is Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst & Research Director serving Sales Enablement Professionals at Forrester.


All too often new sales reps sit in corporate training for a few weeks, complete the tests, and head back into the field with their binders. When they get into actual selling situations do they really have what they need to close the deal? In this webcast, Scott will challenge you to think critically about:


  • Creating innovative go-to market strategies, sales-ready tools, and strategic account programs.
  • Enabling your sales team to collaborate with buyers more effectively.
  • Developing impressive data-drive performance reporting and measurement programs.


Register now for the last webcast of the series!


Featured Speakers:

Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


Jarrett O'Brien, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jive Software

J Award.jpeg.jpgI'm happy to announce the finalists for the 2013 Jive Awards! The Jive Awards celebrate outstanding customer results using Jive, and each year we look forward to recognizing our amazing customers. We had a record number of submissions this year that were all very impressive and I want to take this opportunity thank everyone for submitting their success stories.


Congratulations to the following customers who have been selected as finalists for the 2013 Jive Awards! Winners will be announced on Main Stage at JiveWorld13 on October 24th at 5:00 p.m.


Extend Jive - This is a new award designed to recognize an organization that developed a solution leveraging the API and integration frameworks to bring new capability to a platform, change systems of record into systems of engagement, and deliver real results to redefine how work gets done. The company should have contributed to the Jive Eco-system by sharing best practices and code and frequently participating in the Jive developer community, user groups, hackathons, open social and other developer initiatives.



  • TeleTech
  • Pokeshot


Teaming - Recognizes the best application of Jive for a group or division in a company that has achieved qualitative and quantitative success and changed the way their team impacts the organization. This award will recognize a team or group that accomplished a specific goal or project which set the bar and led to greater use of Jive in the organization.



  • Fidelity
  • Cerner


Engage Customers - Showcases customer engagement leading to stronger self-service support, greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, a stronger company brand and/or product/services innovation. This award will recognize an organization for building a customer service solution that has improved customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and boosted engagement.



  • ADP
  • Eloqua
  • Pearson


Engage Partners - Heightened partner engagement by driving improvements, sharing best practices and enhancing co-selling. This award will recognize an organization that drove higher business results by engaging their business-to-business network in a collaborative community environment.



  • Steelcase


Engage Employees - Demonstrates remarkable employee engagement leading to business results. This award will recognize a social intranet solution that helped foster cross-departmental collaboration, efficiency improvements, problem solving and innovative approaches to drive adoption.



  • Ricoh
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • AIA
  • Thomson Reuters


New Way to Business - Showcased mastery in the use of Jive across employee, customer and partner communities to fundamentally change the way business gets done across the enterprise. This recognizes an organization that has demonstrated a strategic organizational change in the way work gets done, for the better.



  • Schneider/Telvent
  • Hitachi Data Systems


New Way to Lead - Recognizes an individual or company who has demonstrated shift in the way work gets done, from a top-down management style to a more collaborative and open leadership approach using Jive. This award will go to an individual or project leadership team responsible for orchestrating a successful roll-out and adoption of the Jive solution.



  • Lafarge
  • Mylan

Our Social Intranet Summer Series wraps up on Wednesday, September 25th with insights and commentary on the benefits of using a social platform for corporate communications.


The first webcast in this series gave a high-level overview of what a social intranet should deliver - get work done, find information and internal experts, and deliver official communications and information. In the second webcast, experts did a deep dive on how a social intranet can be used for IT project management to increase productivity. In the third, we showed how a social intranet is used to innovate your business.


Now in our final installment, social business experts Gia Lyons and Kathryn Everest will examine:

  • How a social intranet enables more employees to find and engage in corporate communications and strategic messages
  • How greater employee engagement drives greater alignment and buy-in
  • What you can do today to implement a social corporate communications strategy


We hope to see you there! Register now!


Featured Speakers:


Jive Software

Gia Lyons

Director, Product Marketing

Jive Software


Jive Software

Kathryn Everest

Sr. Director, Business Consulting

Jive Software

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.29.11 PM.png


Answer: That Jive Software is Awesome!

No, I'm not referencing internet superstar and creator of The Fox Ylvis.  We had someone even better onsite at Jive headquarters in Palo Alto today.

Liz Claman from Fox Business!

Jive hosted the fantastic crew of the segment 3 Days in the Valley, which annually profiles the best technology companies in the Bay Area. Each day during the event, Liz sets up a mobile studio at a different location and invites notaries to share their industry insights.

Since The Valley is "dripping with optimism, ideas, and innovation," it's no surprise that Jive was featured alongside other great organizations like Flipboard, Intel, Glyde, and Facebook.

We were proud to show off our strong leadership, fun culture, and impactful vision.

Specifically, check out the following videos:

Jive Software Hosts Fox Business News: 3 Days in the Valley - YouTube

Jive and Fox Business Host GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner - YouTube

Fox Business Talks with Members of Jive's Board - YouTube

To view all coverage from the day, tune into Jive's YouTube Channel or check out our Instagram stream.

Please join us in congratulating your fellow peers, EMC, Prudential, UnitedHealth Group, Life Technologies, Hitachi, and T-Mobile, who are being recognized for their achievements as finalists for the Constellation Research's Supernova Awards (#SNA2013).

The third annual SuperNova Awards celebrate innovators in disruptive technology. More than 220 applications were submitted for first round judging by the research firm's panel of judges.  You can support your colleagues by voting for them as your favorite and help get them recognized as innovators in disruptive technology.


Public voting has opened and will continue through October 9, 2013. Only one vote per IP address is allowed. The winners will be announced on the first night of Constellation's Connected Enterprise innovation summit (#CCE2013) at the SuperNova Awards Gala dinner on October 30, 2013 in Half Moon Bay, California.





profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=9343&size=350Several people have asked me how to blog and get a style, so this is a brief attempt to share a few thoughts around see one, do one, and be one.  Thanks Ryan Rutan for the nudge.


Consider reading and searching around the internet, on-line resources, books, magazines or libraries.  What I mean by that is: simply spend a few minutes reading content from industry experts, peers or your mentors.  This can give you context on styles you relate to and/or inspire you.


Secondly.  Just do it.  Most organizations encourage learning. If you are reading this, you can look into wordpress to post a blog, so all you need to do is create a blog title, write down a paragraph, run spell check and post.  Don’t over think it.  Just do it.  Take a few moments to share something you have recently shared over the telephone with a family member, customer, business associate or partner and try to ‘capture it’ in words.  If you can’t do that.  Record yourself or ask someone else to do it.  Actually I find it is a good opportunity to self-reflect and learn about your communication in general if you listen to yourself speak or present.


Seek peer input. I often find that if I ask for feedback that I will get it.  What I mean, is be explicit with your friends, family, staff, peers or your management.  Ask them to carve out time to give you their candid feedback on what they would do if they were you, who influences their communication approaches and/or areas they see as ‘development opportunities’ for you to consider.


Have a blogging best practice that has worked well for you to make you a better blogger?  Take a moment and share them below.

Do you know anyone at your company that you think is a genius? Each company has their own variety of geniuses and it’s important that their brainpower is unleashed in order to achieve business goals. Companies must engage employees to fuel innovation through the organization.


A social intranet acts as a hub for enterprise collaboration and communication that engages and informs employees. This allows silos to break down and the best thinking rises to the top. Innovative cultures are uncovered and energized through the functions of a social intranet.


This SlideShare will teach you how to boost your company's brainpower by:

  1. Connecting your people
  2. Finding and recognizing your Einsteins
  3. Brainstorming more effectively
  4. Capturing the ‘light bulb’ moments
  5. Taking action on good ideas quickly


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.28.32 PM.png


If your company has uncovered tactics that help shed light on bright ideas submit them to be included in our eBook. Bonus: you'll receive a complimentary white paper with your submission!

Jive and Box have been working in partnership to help organizations modernize their IT environment with best of breed cloud offerings
for file sharing and workplace collaboration.



We'd like to invite everyone to learn more by inviting you to attend a webcast featuring Nuance Communications, a current customer of both Jive and Box who will share their strategy for how they will use Jive and Box to drive collaboration and employee alignment.   Please join kim.nelson, The Voice Community Manager from Nuance Communications by registering for the upcoming webcast. 


Nuance Communications designs intelligent systems for people and businesses around the globe will share how their Jive powered
social intranet called “The Voice” is not only mission critical for the business to meet those same organizational challenges, but also
vital for their business to support and encourage collaboration and innovation.


What you will learn:

  • How Nuance is using the Jive cloud features like external groups to work in shared spaces with outside collaborators.
  • How you can leverage Box for Jive to provide an even richer level of interaction, by seamlessly integrating Box content into Jive and
    connecting all the people, information and tools you need.
  • Key learnings that you can take back to your organization to further the discussion of how your business can gain from social business
    collaboration with the integration of Jive and Box.


boxworks logo.png

You can also learn more by coming to see Jive at BoxWorks

Jive is proud to be a platinum level sponsor at the upcoming BoxWorks conference in San Francisco on September 16-18th.     If you're live in or planning to be in the Bay Area we'd like to invite you to take advantage of a special discount extended to Jive Customers.  It’s a chance to learn more about how the industries top cloud providers are envisioning the future of IT.  It’s two days of conversation focused on what’s possible and what’s next in technology, business, society and how Jive and Box can  48 hours in which you turn “what if” into what can be.

  • Come see our CEO, Tony.Zingale discuss “The Future of Cloud” alongside Box’s CEO, Aaron Levie, on Tuesday, September 17 at 11:45 a.m.
  • Jive's VP of Product Management, olivia.teich, will also be featured on a panel “Integrating Box and Enterprise Apps” on
    Monday, September 16 at 2:30pm
  • Stop by the Jive Booth to check out the integration advancements with Jive and Box

Special Offer for Jive Customers!

Jive Customers can register today for only $399 (a $400 savings!)  by using the discount code for Box13SponJive. 

We hope to see you there!

profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=13550&size=350I am an educator whose academic and professional interests focus on technology, learning and knowledge sharing. One of the questions that keeps me going is: Just how do people become social (in the good-digital-citizen, knowledge-sharing, reciprocating, narrating-your-work-because-it's-just-what-we-do kinda way)?


This is not just a purely academic interest. And I am more a realist than a utopian when it comes to digital networks and people. But I truly believe social business depends on our collective ability to broadly develop digital literacy and competent digital citizens. We all win when the majority of participants in digital spaces operate in the kinda-way I outlined above.


So how does that happen? What might drive it?


We use Jive as our learning environment in the graduate program in which I teach (yes - correct. we've pretty much dumped the university LMS). One of my joys is watching how graduate students begin to connect and learn outside of the formal class groups we create, when no one is telling them what to do or post or share. And as a co-conspirator and participant of ETMOOC - a "connectivist" Massive Open Online Course designed specifically to foster social collaboration and networking around the course topics - I watched as nearly 2,000 people enthusiastically learned and shared, cross-commented on blog posts, jumped all over Twitter chats, and did so with civility.


If you dig into this a little bit, the people who become good at operating in this way are often explicitly working on developing their personal learning networks (PLNs). They see the web as a resource to help them develop professionally or personally; use a variety of technology tools and platforms to collect, curate, share and develop knowledge; and they understand the importance of sharing and reciprocity as the kind of "golden rule" of operating in a civil manner on the web. (See a few of my collected resources on PLNs if you are interested in how I get to this point).


And it's the reason we are running an open online seminar this fall (Oct. 7 - Nov. 5): Exploring Personal Learning Networks: Practical Issues for Organizations. We're going to provide participants with some background on PLNs and then engage in a couple of weeks of facilitated discussion: What might happen IF...PLNs became an everyday part of professional development within organizations? Could we build better social muscle? If we focus on the personal first, do we create a pull into social that benefits us all?


I would love to get this community's insights on these questions.

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