Critical Mass Builds a Powerful Employee Community

Blog Post created by tara.panu on Mar 6, 2013

Critical Mass is a global leader in digital marketing, that not only presents marketing services, but also aspires to provide an "extraordinary experience"- an experience that brings together creative thinking, smart ideas and emerging technologies to form solutions. The firm effectively creates incomparable experiences for each of their clients because of their key drivers—inspired people, innovative ideas, and quality results. In order to adapt to constant changes in the market and to stay true to their MO, the global operating company requires considerable amounts of collaboration. When working together in offices dispersed all across the world, it is imperative that Critical Mass is equipped with technology that delivers real-time responses and crucial information to each distributed team.

Critical Mass + Jive = CM1


Jive helped Critical Mass create a community structure that reflected its corporate values and company needs that were both scalable and easy to implement. Jive’s features encapsulated all collaboration capabilities; which included: iterating on ideas, sharing and customizing documents, creating microblogs, soliciting feedback from all stakeholders, managing notifications and providing a secure space to manage all project assets.  Adoption was organic and rapid as CM1 became valued to both stationed and remote employees. By consolidating and standardizing company resources, tools, and conversations; CM1 created not only social structure, but an overall unified employee experience.


Our 90% adoption rate is testament that our teams live and work socially,” said AlyssaRosengarden, Application Support Manager. “CM1 has led to business growth, reduced rework, higher sharing, cross-office collaboration and a more united global company.”

For more information: Watch Alyssa's testimonial


Business ImpactCritical Mass screenshot 2.png

Critical Mass’ Jive-powered CM1 community has provided the company with one place to find experts, connect people, assemble teams, collaborate on ideas, prepare proposals and deliver exceptional results:

  • 90% adoption rate among employees
  • 96% active users
  • Widespread knowledge of employees skills and talents & ability to quickly assemble cross-discipline project teams based on these assets
  • Greater transparency, inclusion, connectedness, sharing and efficiency across offices, remote employees, accounts and disciplines, which has led to more engaged conversations and collaboration
  • Full insight into the collaboration required to produce great work within tight deadlines
  • Strong reuse of core assets—case studies, methods and approaches across the various disciplines
  • More efficient management of meetings and communications


These results clearly demonstrate the power of a social intranet as it fosters social creativity and streamlines collaboration in the enterprise. These externalizations provide a means for others to interact with, react to, and build on an idea by allowing multiple voices to be brought in. As a result, it not only improves productivity but also creates a common language of understanding among employees. By choosing Jive, Critical Mass has powered the CM1 Community with the #1 provider of social business platforms to engage employees with ideas, conversations, knowledge and solutions. Critical Mass is transforming Social Intranet and we at Jive are excited to be a part this experience.


Learn more about creating a powerful employee community and check outhttp://www.jivesoftware.com/resources/kits/get-social-intranet?utm_source=jivetalks&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Download&utm_campaign=ResourceKitJive for Social Intranet.