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If businesses are based on relationships, and relationships are based on communication, then businesses are based on communication. Your standard equation If A=B, and B=C, then A=C.


There has been a monumental shift in business infrastructure and business communications. The seemingly outdated saying that everything is "global" has now turned into everything is "social."


This shift should not be daunting for the business world - but rather an opportunity for businesses to change what was the natural order of things in their favor.


Social Business Software is about using online communities to establish better relationships and communications among employees, partners, and customers alike. Taking business relationships, communications, associated content and processes and keeping them in a central location online will streamline the way business is done.


As tim.zonca, Director of Product Marketing at Jive, put it:

"Technology has changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and customers. Email became the essential business tool in the 1980s, but we are now living in a world where people want to communicate and share on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore, businesses need a new way for their employees to talk to each other and their customers. This is where social business software comes in."

Social Business Software has the potential to have a huge impact on the way people work and how businesses operate.

Since I joined Jive this summer, I've identified 6 ways that Social Business Software has improved the way employees work:

  1. Allows employees to collaborate daily at lowered costs.
  2. Eliminates distance barriers. For example, my manager works in Austin and I work in Palo Alto.
  3. Fosters open and natural communication, that mirrors the way people converse in face-to-face conversation.
  4. Enriches project work by making it easier to leverage cross-team participation.
  5. Encourages the sharing of institutional knowledge, content, and thought leadership.
  6. Leverages the greater scope and scale of the web to help employees strengthen bonds with suppliers, customers, partners and other employees.


There isn't a "one-size fits all" solution for all companies. However, I've seen that successful companies carefully prioritize and choose solutions that immediately address business needs, harness the company culture, and break down communication barriers.


Now is the time: Become an Office Hero and slay the status quo! It will be the best thing you've ever done for your company.

Dont forget to register now for Early Bird Pricing, promotion ends July 31!

Tired of watching presentations and waiting for your chance to ask the tough questions?  If so, Ringside with the Experts is a group networking event for you!  In this series, we break down traditional conference norms and open the doors wide open for conversation on the topics that mean the most to you.  Engage in real conversation with some of the industries leading social business practitioners and share thoughts on how to become the next big social business success story.


Come see first-hand why attendees proclaim that JiveWorld is the world's best social business user conference on the planet.  Take a peak at some of our ringside JiveWorld12 experts thus far:


TrackRingside Experts

Social Intranet


Allison Doherty - Deutsche Bank

Andrew Kratz - Social Edge Consulting

Allison DohertyAndrew Kratz

Customer Service


Heather Foeh - Eloqua

Kelly Jo Horton - Marketo

Deirdre Walsh - Jive Software

Heather FoehKelly Jo HortonDeirdre Walsh

Marketing & Sales


Gino Rossi - Quest Software

Alyssa Rosengarden - Critical Mass

Gary Graeff - Steelcase

Gino RossiAlyssa RosengardenGary Graeff

Advanced Community Management


Chris Diehl - Jive Software

Christy Zurcher - Premier Farnell

Elise Bruchet - Devoteam

Chris DiehlChristy ZurcherElise Bruchet



John Toker - Jive Software

Corey Mathews - Jive Software

Carrie Gilbert - Jive Software

John TokerCorey MathewsCarrie Gilbert



Brian Shoemaker - Thomson Reuters

Ryan Rutan - Jive Software

Emily Harsh - Jive Software

Brian ShoemakerRyan RutanEmily Harsh



David Montgomery - Jive Software

Aron Racho - Jive Software

Jussi Heikkola - Jive Software

David MontgomeryAron RachoJussi Heikkola



Josh Richau - Jive Software

Olivia Teich - Jive Software

Oudi Antebi - Jive Software

Josh RichauOlivia TeichOudi Antebi


For more information about JiveWorld12 or this program, please see:

Start your legacy and become the office hero ...  Try Jive Today!

Disorder.  Chaos.  Pandemonium.  On the surface, these words resonate better with a battle royal than the corporate world.  Yet, with a closer look we find more in common than expected. Consider the following scenarios and evaluate against your company:

  • Disorder :  Pervasive information and personnel silos throughout the enterprise?
  • Chaos :  Miscommunication, challenges with project messaging and staying in-sync with employees and colleagues?
  • Pandemonium : Trouble chasing down problems, finding quality solutions and building reliable customer relationships?

If any of these ring true, chances are you're not the only one who notices!


What if work could be different?  What if disorder gave way to collaboration?  What if chaos transformed into efficiency? What if from the ashes of pandemonium, arose elegance and innovation?   What if your legacy could make all the difference?


Your legacy won't be measured by the words in a performance evaluation or the size of your office.


It will be measured by how you changed a culture and the lives you touched.  By the risks you were willing to take and the foresight of your ideas.  By how you made people more productive by making them care more and work smarter.  By how you broke down the barriers that were created by titles, levels and cubicle walls.  By how you opened the direction of your business to everyone.


Your legacy will be judged on what you leave behind.  So that even when you're gone, they'll still talk about the day you gave them Jive!


Share your Office Hero stories on Facebook or join the #OfficeHero conversation with @JiveOfficeHero.

Dont forget to register now for Early Bird Pricing, promotion ends July 31!

BootCamp12:  A FREE Taste of JiveWorld

Interested in social business, but struggling with the pitch?  Unable to get your management or stakeholders on board?  Attend BootCamp12 and learn from Jive and our customers what it takes to get to Yes!

Register Today!

Well she's done it again! gialyons, Sr. Strategic Advisor at Jive has designed a track that will sharpen your management skills and advance your community to a whole new level of awesomeness. With the help of our Jive Champions, this track will be an exceptional source of advanced tips and techniques told to you by those who've lived them. Who knows, maybe next year ... your name will be among this all-star cast!

Here's a quick look at this year's Advanced Community Management track for JiveWorld12:


Advanced Community Management


You've got a successful, established one-year-plus community, and you're looking for something new... something cool. Something to liven up your management skills and advance your community to a new level of awesomeness.  Attend this interactive track to jam with Jive Champions -- our premier customers. They'll help sharpen your skills through a mix of traditional and ignite-style presentations, and get you well on your way to the next level.



October 10, 2012 - Session #1

The Path to a Fully Socialized Business

The Community Roundtable

Speaker(s): Rachel.Happe

Rachel Happe

October 10, 2012 - Session #2

Transforming Customer and Partner Engagement Through Employee Engagement


Speaker(s): Tracy Hansen

Tracy Hansen

October 10, 2012 - Session #3

Ignite Jive Session #1


UBM - Ted Hopton

HP ArcSight - trishaliu

Jive - troygardella

EMC - jerry.silver

Liberty Mutual - ellenclancy

CSC - glungari

Ted HoptonTrisha LiuTroy GardellaJerry SilverEllen ClancyGary Lungarini

October 10, 2012 - Session #4

Jive Community Manager Features


Speaker(s): karl.rumelhart

Karl Rumelhart

October 11, 2012 - Session #5

Transforming Event and Customer Relationship Marketing with Social



Claire Flanagan

October 11, 2012 - Session #6

Ignite Jive Session #2


T-Mobile - Potential

Alcatel-Lucent - myeomans

Saint-Gobain - Bart.Schutte

NetApp - jsummers

National Instruments - Emilie

Hitachi Data Systems - jmaaks

Will RoseMike YeomansBart SchutteJohn SummersEmilie KoppJeff Maaks

October 11, 2012 - Session #7

Jive Community Manager Features

Jive Software

Speaker(s): karl.rumelhart

Karl Rumelhart

October 11, 2012 - Session #8

Ringside with the Experts

Stay tuned for more information about this session!


For more information about JiveWorld12 or this track, please see:

Dont forget to register now for Early Bird Pricing, promotion ends July 31!

JiveWorld12 is just around the corner, and we've got an amazing line-up of speakers and topics to share.  Social Intranet is a powerhouse topic this year! If your company doesn't have a social intranet strategy, it needs one ... fast.  Thankfully, tim.zonca, megan.moxley, and myself have worked tirelessly to put together a social intranet track packed full of awesome customer presentations to help you level-up your social intranet endeavors with Jive.


Here's a quick look at this year's Social Intranet track for JiveWorld12:


Unified: Social Intranet & Employee Engagement

Thanks to the Social Intranet, your vision of a unified workforce is no longer a just a dream. This next generation paradigm draws employees closer together naturally. Knowledge permeates the enterprise, cutting through barriers of time and distance. Attend this track and find out how progressive companies are embracing the open, collaborative nature of Social Business Software to connect employees.  This track will cover how organizations have embraced Social Business technology to transform how they communicate, collaborate and innovate.



October 10, 2012 - Session #1

Jive as Your Intranet :  Overcoming Obstacles


Speaker(s): e1981h, mpallia

Tom MylerMike Pillia

October 10, 2012 - Session #2

Race You to the Finish -- using natural competition to engage users


Speaker(s): Melissa Madura-Altman

Melissa Madura-Altman

October 10, 2012 - Session #3

@shield:  Blue Shield of California, an experiment in enterprise social networking

Blue Shield of California

Speaker(s)Mark.Heller, Andria.Saint-Evens

Mark Heller Andria Saint-Events

October 10, 2012 - Session #4

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Social Intranet

McGraw-Hill Companies


Patrick Durando

October 11, 2012 - Session #5

No Going Back:  Making Social Your Corporate Intranet From Day One

Capital One

Speaker(s)Sean Winter

Sean Winter

October 11, 2012 - Session #6

Fuel on the Fire:  Jive Apps that drive Productivity and Innovation

AppFusions : ellenfeaheny

Goshido : tombrennan

SpigIt : hcarpenter

Ellen FeahenyTom BrennanHutch Carpenter

October 11, 2012 - Session #7

The Thomson Reuters Social Intranet:  Powered by the People

Thomson Reuters

Speaker(s): timothy.wike

Tim Wike

October 11, 2012 - Session #8

Ringside with the Experts

Stay tuned for more information about this session!


For more information about JiveWorld12 or this track, please see:

lp_logo-1.pngMany of you are likely familiar with our Jive customer case studies, which provide an inside story on why the customer looked for a social solution, their search for the right solution, why they chose Jive and what they have achieved since launching their Jive-powered community. As we roll out our case studies, we are introducing a new series in Jive Talks to add a name and face to the company story.  With each case study, we plan to post a Q&A with a community leader or executive of the company profiled.  Below is the first in this series - Q&A with LivePerson, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions and manager of an award winning social intranet.  Enjoy!


Please introduce yourself.  Tell me a bit about you and your role at LivePerson.
I'm Myke Mansberger, the Community Manager for LivePerson's employee community.  We currently have about 600 employees, all of which are members of our internal Jive instance called LivePerson Nation.  I've been with the company almost 4 years and in that amount of time I've seen us grow and expand in so many ways.  At LivePerson, we focus our efforts on the mission of creating meaningful connections.  This mission really touches everything we do and affects how we approach everyone -  employees, customers, and local communities.  The platform and products we provide to our customers allow them to use technology to engage with and create personalized experiences for their own customers.  It seemed like a natural evolution when we adopted Jive to become a part of how we connect with other employees and our customers.

What's your favorite social business success story at LivePerson? Ie. What's been your proudest moment on your social business journey?

An exciting moment in the evolution of our internal communication strategy was when we decided to reroute traditional email distribution lists to places in Jive.  This change transformed many employees who were traditionally watchers and readers into authors and contributors.  This change also helped promote the non-traditional concept of allowing users to decide on which employee and corporate communications they want sent directly to their email inbox.

One of my favorite parts about being our employee community manager is observing people's reactions during new-hire orientations.  I love seeing new employees' eyes light up when we give them their first look at our next-gen intranet and community.  Most people have never had access to anything as robust as this platform in the past and I can always see the wheels spinning in their minds as they begin to contemplate all of the possibilities and opportunities ahead.

What advice do you have for people just starting off? Or What's the biggest lesson you've learned?

I think it's important to be a realistic about your expectations of the Jive platform.  At the end of the day, Jive is a tool - an amazing tool - but a tool nonetheless.  A tool is only as powerful as the person or people wielding it.  This means that in order to make the most of the Jive platform, you will need to have strong advocates from the start.  In addition, it's important to align your leaders, execs, and influencers with the overall goals of the platform.  Collaboration, innovation, and strong communication must be a priority company-wide if you want a successful launch and continued participation in the community.


Have stories to share about your social business journey, or perhaps some advice to impart on the socbiz community?  Become a member of the Jive Community, or comment below, and join the conversation!


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