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Day 12: What are your social business predictions for 2012?

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Dec 21, 2011

Everyone loves making predictions, at least I know I do.  Sometimes predictions are simple, such as predicting the outcome of a sporting event (Gray's Sports Almanac).  They can also be mathematical, for example: Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Gravity predicting the existance of the planet Pluto

What's that?  Just a rock?  Sorry Isaac, at least you get to keep the cookie

And finally, they can sometimes be completely out of one's imagination (two words … Jules Verne) or  from an all-telling orb (a Magic 8 Ball of course)!


Regardless of the inspiration, the ability to say, "I told you so" has to be one of the most compelling motivators for humanity.  Perhaps not as powerful as "breathing" as Maslow would care to admit, but it definitely makes the top 10.  The first (and most important) step of this journey is to state your prediction in a  place that is public and easily referenced, like the Jive Community.


So for all of you aspiring Nostradami out there, we at Jive ask this very simple question,

What are your social business predictions for 2012?


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