Can you Fathom the future of the social web?

Blog Post created by adam.mertz on Dec 20, 2011

Social-Web pic.pngI'm happy to share today that everybody using Jive across our customer base--like those working with jsummers at NetApp, or timothy.wike at Thomson Reuters, or any of the other millions of Jive users--will now have an even easier time gleaning vital information from across the social web.  Our goal has always been to make social media monitoring and engagement as ubiquitous as email and Google searches. Our newest offering, Fathom, fulfills that vision.


What is Fathom?  Glad you asked. Fathom is a new app in Jive's App Market (available to all Jive customers on Jive 5). It is completely free to install and allows you to monitor sources like Twitter, Facebook Fan pages, communities, and 100M+ other sites across the web. You just create the search by choosing keywords of interest, and Fathom scans the social web, collecting relevant results. This is not a 'trial' app or demo of Jive's broader social media engagement capabilities. It's a new product that brings social media listening to everyone--whether you're in support, sales, R&D, HR, or Marketing--at no cost.


Fathom provides access to the entire social web, including the full Twitter firehose. In addition, it's tightly integrated with Jive's Social Business platform. Results are reported to you right in Jive, making them easy to keep track of and share with colleagues. If you see a tweet or post of interest to your peers or coworkers, you can just click to turn the item into a discussion, document or blog post for others to see. Fathom also helps you analyze the data it collects, identify trends, and share periodic reports.


For those social media experts in your company who want to do even more, Jive now also offers the more advanced Fathom Pro through the Jive Apps Market for $49 per person per month. Fathom Pro's features include the ability to engage directly with social media: you can log into your Facebook or Twitter accounts to post, reply, tweet or retweet, without leaving Fathom Pro. Fathom Pro also also provides more advanced analytics--such as the ability to track sentiment trends and measure user influence. And Fathom Pro lets you create an unlimited number of automated searches at no additional charge--another aspect of Jive's approach social web engagement that sets us apart from most others in the industry.


So my recommendation for any Jive 5 customer who wants to be a hero and introduce the power of social media monitoring to everyone at your company is, start getting the word out about Fathom now!


Here are some additional details around the differences between Fathom and Fathom Pro (this list is not exhaustive of all the functionality, just an overview):

FeatureFathomFathom Pro
Number of saved searches3Unlimited
History of the social web14 Days30 Days
Analytics history14 Days6 Months
Analytics - mention trends
Analytics - compare mention trends for multiple searchesUp to 3Unlimited
Analytics - media distribution
Alerts - receive alerts in your Jive activity stream
Alerts - receive alerts in your email
Collaborate on results within your Jive community (create discussions, documents, blog posts quoting results)
Collaborate on analytics graphs within your Jive community (create discussions, documents, blog posts quoting results)
Share searches between team members
View and track sentiment of results
Analytics - sentiment trends
Engage with the social web (post, reply, retweet, favorite, like)
Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for use in posting
See author's Klout scores to understand their social influence
Export data to csv


Any questions, thoughts, or reactions?  We're listening


Adam Mertz, Jive Product Marketing