Paving the new way to the NASDAQ ... with Social Business

Blog Post created by Tony.Zingale on Dec 13, 2011

Today we began our life as a publicly-traded company. This marks a major milestone in Jive's history: from a small, two person company that started in Iowa to a leading global provider of Social Business software, listed on the NASDAQ. Wow, have we come a long way!


This event is significant not just for Jive as a company, but also for the broader market and for all of you, our customers, without whom this could not have happened. You are the agents of change, embracing social to drive not just the new way but the ONLY way to get work done. Jive's IPO is a testament to the power of social -- it's here to stay. It is clear that the market at large is taking note and recognizing its importance. As I have said many times, social business is the most significant enterprise software category in the last decade -- it is transforming how we work, making us so much more productive and driving better business outcomes.


As we celebrate this major achievement today at Jive, we hope that you will join us in enjoying this moment. You have been and will continue to be a vital part of this process. We simply could not have achieved this without you. THANK YOU!


We are on a long-term journey to change the way works gets done. This event is one, albeit, important stop on our way. Our vision is greater and our journey will continue: our focus remains on delivering great value to our customers with social business.


I wish all of you a happy holiday season with your families and loved ones. We look forward to continuing to drive the new way to business with you in 2012, and thank you again for partnering with and investing in Jive.


Tony Z

P.S. Throughout the day today, we will be posting pictures and videos of the event, so stay tuned for some behind the scenes footage!