Ryan Rutan

And the new Jive Community Manager is …

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Oct 24, 2011

Before I announce the winner, lets meet some of the finalists:


Dr. Bruce Banner - Nuclear Physicist, United States DoD

Extremely smart, good natured, and driven personality.  Conflict resolution skills and social "interactiveness" leave room for improvement.

Collaboration Gooooood! … Email Baaaaaaad!


Ferris Bueller - Social Director, Italian Horse Automotives, Inc.

Exceptional social skills, thinks on his feet, and knows how to energize a crowd.  Excessive sick leave leads to concerns about long-term health.

I should have gotten a car instead of this computer, at least the car doesn't come equipped with a flooded inbox!


Ryan Rutan - Social Business Architect, National Instruments

Strong backgrounds in technology, business, theater, as well as the the Jive platform.   Excessive desire to share thoughts on Social Business and interject humor.

I believe whole-heartedly that embracing the power of people in the enterprise is the new way to business!


On one hand, we have an individual with intelligence, super powers, and anger management problems.  On the other, we have a "life of the party" person who can rally anyone into a Twist and Shout montage at the drop of a hat.  Sitting in the middle, is Ryan who has been preaching the value of Jive, as a customer, for more than 4 years and seems determined to drive Social Business awareness and adoption in the industry.  In the end, the final decision was obvious!  But Bruce decided to take his super powers to The Avengers and Ferris replied with an Out of Office "Barfing up Lung" response.  So that leaves me, writing this blog post.  Introducing myself as the new Jive Community Manager.


What should you expect from me as the new Jive Community Manager?

  • I'll focus on community direction, purpose, and structure.
  • I'll provide better communication around what, when, how, and where to collaborate to achieve the best results.
  • I'll be your biggest advocate to help make the Jive platform successful for your company!
  • I will never intentionally leave you hanging
  • I will never promise something I honestly feel I cannot deliver.
  • I will never use the terms "Talking Jive" or "Jive Talkin" (karaoke exemption)


What do I ask in return?

  • Patience - I need to get ramped up into my new role and responsibilities.  (It shouldn't take long.)
  • Cooperation - Work with me to make realistic and actionable plans that lead to measurable outcomes to address your needs.  I enjoy a good venting as much as the next person; however, venting without action tends to be less cathartic.  Help me … help you.
  • Benefit of the Doubt -  Asking for your trust on day one is a tall order. Instead, I'm asking for your "benefit of the doubt"; that I will act in the best interest of ALL community members.  In time, I hope to earn everyone's trust as your official liaison to Jive product management.


and the question that is on everyone's mind …


What about your plugins?

The short answer is, they will still be available for FREE and I will continue to develop plugins to help address needs/demands (where appropriate) in the community.  I will try to channel some of the more popular features into the Jive product road map to provide a better long term solution, but unsure of how realistic that is at this point in time. It is still my intention to deliver an Evernote plugin (announced at JiveWorld11) in the near future; however, timing will need to re-evaluated.  Stay tuned to The specified item was not found. for more details.


I look forward to working with, and for, each of you in this new role to further Jive's leadership in the social business industry