Jive 5.  The New Way. Brought to you by Jive Customers.

Blog Post created by adam.mertz on May 24, 2011

I know everyone at Jive is excited about the General Availability of Jive 5 (announced today).  What I think is most exciting though is the involvement that Jive customers have had throughout the entire development cycle of this release. On behalf of Jive and of the entire Products team, a BIG thank you to our Jive customers that helped us make Jive 5 the industry's best Social Business platform. You spoke, and we listened.  You pushed us to refine, and we got it done.


Sometimes prospective customers ask me what kind of involvement current customers have in shaping our products. We have many ways of channeling customer feedback into the product development cycle. And as we continue to grow, we constantly strive to refine and expand this process.  Here are a few of the customer feedback channels we use at Jive:

  • Ideas created and voted on by other customers within our Product Innovation and Feedback area here in the Jive Community
  • Jive Advocates, a new group created for the release of Jive 5. It includes a few hundred people that were given access to Jive 5 in a special environment in February. They shared invaluable input and were truly instrumental in helping us to ‘get it right.’
  • Jive’s executive advisory board, which enables us to listen to the perspectives of executives from across our customer base.
  • Jive Champions, which includes a mix of leading-edge executives and people on the front lines that manage social projects.
  • The Jive Early Access group, which consists of technical maestros willing to install and play with Beta versions of our release.
  • JiveWorld, our annual conference, where we get to hear first-hand from customers on panels and case study sessions.
  • Customer user group events held in various cities throughout the year.
  • Literally hundreds of meetings that the products team has every quarter with clients.


Again, thank you to all of you who have given us their time and shared their experiences and insights to help us get the best product to the market.


Here are a few video clips with some of the feedback we got from these early advocates that we thought we'd share with you.  We also want to hear from you about your favorite feature in Jive 5 so please comment on this blog or send me your feedback directly.


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