Jiving with Facebook

Blog Post created by adam.mertz on May 17, 2011

As Marketing and Service executives continue to evolve their strategies and make 'social' a critical element, there’s a question I hear regularly. How can we get deeper integration between Jive and Facebook? With Facebook becoming an essential element of a successful marketing strategy, and with more and more companies looking at Jive to develop powerful external communities, this connection is becoming increasingly important.


Today, we announced additional fire power for Jive clients in this area that’s already seen incredible response across our customer base.

The two-minute video below provides an overview of how Jive can live inside Facebook and how Facebook questions can be easily exposed within Jive communities. When you watch it, you’ll see we’re going well beyond simple 'liking' and leveraging of Facebook Connects for logging into a community, which we already support with our platform. The focus here is on bi-directional visibility and engagement between the two platforms.

To learn more about ‘how it works’ view the embedded video.  In the meantime, I’ll touch on two other important aspects of connecting Jive and Facebook


  1. The challenges with a disconnected social strategy
  2. The value of seamless Jive-Facebook integration


1.  The challenges with a disconnected social strategy

Facebook has millions of users, and you need to go where people are living daily online. However:

  • Engagement often centers around short status updates vs. more in-depth conversions and connections.
  • Those conversations, likes, and shares help bring visibility to a fan page within Facebook, but are essentially invisible to Google.
  • Facebook ultimately owns and controls the end user experience.
  • You don’t own the data – this limits reporting, moderating and SEO efforts


2.  The value of seamless Jive-Facebook integration

  • Increase brand awareness by extending your reach to the millions of Facebook users.
  • Increase brand advocacy by offering more in-depth ways for your customers and prospective customers to connect within your Jive-powered community.
  • Better leverage your customer experts from within your Jive-powered community to answer customer questions from Facebook.
  • Improve your SEO efforts as all content on Jive, whether it starts in Facebook via the connector or on the branded community itself, can be indexed and found by Google.
  • Gain control – over the user experience, data, reporting and moderation aspects of your Facebook community.



When our new Facebook Connector is coupled with other capabilities such as social media monitoring and engagement, which tracks the full Twitter firehose of 100M tweets/day and every Facebook group and fan page, Jive clients have an unmatched competitive advantage when it comes to a comprehensive and connected social media strategy.


If you have any additional questions please post them here or let me know.