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Jive Apps SDK Launch

Posted by matt Dec 16, 2010

This Fall, we unveiled our vision at JiveWorld for how apps in the enterprise can and must fundamentally change. Consumer social networks, iOS devices and Android phones have proven that apps can have an amazing user experience and provide 80% of the value with 20% of the features. And because those apps are delivered via marketplaces where competition and innovation rule, consumers benefit massively. Compare that to the app experience we get in the enterprise: bloated monstrosities and no end-user choice.


Jive Apps and the Jive Apps Market change all that. Enterprises can tap into all the innovation happening around consumer apps through a controlled, secure app market. Developers can build apps in a simple and open way that reaches millions of Jive end-users. The Jive Apps SDK is now available for developers that want to get started building apps right now, ahead of the of the Jive 5 launch that will happen early next year.


Jive's Commitment to Openness


Openness is a key part of the Jive Apps strategy. We've embraced open standards like oAuth, OpenSocial and Jive has joined the OpenSocial Foundation board and has hired Mark Weitzel, President of OpenSocial Foundation, as a Developer Advocate. We know that our commitment to open standards is critically important to our customers and to developers.


Today we're announcing that we're releasing key parts of the Jive Application Framework as Open Source. Look for the first code drops to land soon and we'll also be offering patches to the Shindig project.


Our First Developer Summit


Yesterday, over 30 developers from companies like, Gliffy, Manymoon, LiquidPlanner and Lingotek (plus many others!) joined us in our Palo Alto office to get a hands-on look at the Jive Apps SDK and to celebrate its launch. We're excited to partner with such innovative companies in building out a social business marketplace. For those developers that weren't able to attend this event, join the Developer Community and look for additional events in the near future.


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