Thank You for a Legendary JiveWorld10

Blog Post created by Tony.Zingale on Sep 23, 2010

Last week we hosted JiveWorld10, our second annual user conference.  Together with our 700+ customers, partners, prospects and developer partners we talked and celebrated Social Business. 

I am now more convinced than ever that we are writing history and shaping the Social Business revolution with our customers and partners. Until recently, Social Business was the purview of visionary, advanced companies that understood the power that it can bring to the enterprise.  These visionaries are starting to see the rewards and are setting the standard for success for others.  In just one year, we’ve come a long way.  We are now starting to move from departmental implementations to viral, company-wide adoption.

At JiveWorld10 we extended Jive Social Business Awards to some of our most innovative customers, with the most advanced Social Business communities.  Heartfelt congratulations to all these customers for setting the standard that all other enterprises are following. They include Alcatel Lucent, Musician’s Friend, Research in Motion (RIM), Charles Schwab, CSC and Manheim.


  • CSC. CSC’s Claire Flanagan, Director of Enterprise Social Business Collaboration and Communities Strategy led CSC's industry award winning implementation of Jive Social Business Software.  Their Jive internal implementation now counts more than 93,000 employees, with more than 50,000 active members.  
  • Charles Schwab & Co.  Their Jive-powered Schwab Trading Community today includes more than 10,000 participants, including some of their most valued clients, and it’s driving measurable results.
  • Alcatel-Lucent uses its community deployment of Jive SBS to help realize the strategic vision of the company.  Alcatel-Lucent employees are buying into the Jive concept at a rapid pace, and in 150 days the company's Jive community has grown to more than 30,000 users.  
  • RIM, the designer and manufacturer of the award-winning BlackBerry® smartphone, leverages Jive to create one of the web’s largest smartphone communities, driving awareness of RIM’s products to new prospective clients, while connecting its loyal customer base to improve customer service and promote new innovation.
  • Musician’s Friend, an online provider of music and recording equipment, was selected for its groundbreaking social commerce site,, which ties its customer community powered by Jive with its online commerce engine powered by ATG.
  • Manheim.  Jennifer Bouani, Director of Interactive Communications at Manheim, has led the movement to shift Manheim’s culture to a more open, collaborative environment of knowledge sharing and community building by effectively using Jive to demonstrate the business the value of Social Business software.


These Jive customers, along with thousands of others, are embracing Social Business to get work done differently and make better, faster decisions.  We are excited to partner with them to help them drive measureable business results for their organizations. 

Next year we will continue to see accelerated adoption of Social Business.  Jive is committed to setting the agenda for Social Business by investing in technology innovation and helping our customers build successful social internal and external communities. Together, we are moving the market from “early adopters” to mass adoption.

Thank you for helping us shape the new way to business.  Next year will be the year of Social Business.  Together we are leading the revolution.  

Tony Z