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KMWorld Knowledge Management Awrad logoWe’re off and running with our first award for 2010!  The KMWorld editorial staff recently named Jive Software to the "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" for 2010.


For three years running, Jive has been placed on this influential list. It's an immense honor to be included among leading knowledge management companies who are pushing the envelope about enhancing knowledge workers' ability to discover expertise and innovate.


Our approach is definitely cutting-edge and not your "mother’s" knowledge management system.  In the past few years, an entirely new stream of knowledge and information has been unleashed via the social media phenomenon. Jive is at the mouth of this river, catching and bringing forward exactly what enterprises need to be successful.


Jive understands, knowledge capture and its management has to be more like an ecosystem and less like a machine.  It must also be stored in a common, discoverable location that makes it easy to share and collaborate about with others. Most importantly, the knowledge must be shared in context to be appreciated.  That's where a platform like Jive comes in, as it captures knowledge sharing when it happens, not after the fact. For a deeper look at this, check out Gia Lyons' presentation given at KMWorld 2009:


Whether it’s conversations with customers or internal dialogues, the paradigm for capturing knowledge flows and accelerating its dispersion has changed.  The collecting, sharing and collaborating must happen in a way that is organic and intuitive. It has to augment and unlock existing knowledge silos.  With social media monitoring solutions like Jive Market Engagement, organizations can control and benefit from the the free-flowing fire hose of knowledge sharing within social media. And with Jive Connects for Microsoft SharePoint, they can unify and liberate the knowledge typically locked deep in content management systems.  Some customers using Jive for KM include Bupa, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Swiss Re, CSC, United Business Media, Manheim, Sprint, NetApp, SAP, Luftsansa, T-Mobile, and Yum! Brands.


As the knowledge landscape continues to evolve, we are thrilled that KMWorld recognized us once again as a vital leader.

An Exciting Time for Jive

Posted by Tony.Zingale Feb 22, 2010

Today, I am excited to say that I have joined the Jive team as CEO on an interim basis. The reason for the move is simple. We are doing what leaders do when it’s time to aggressively expand the business. And Jive has reached a point where we intend aggressively invest in a number of key areas:


  • We’re making additional investments in engineering to deliver more innovation, faster.
  • We’re making additional investments in sales and marketing to expand Jive’s reach in existing and new markets.
  • We’re making additional investments in our services organization to meet a growing demand for expertise on designing and implementing Social Business Software initiatives.
  • We are continuing to be aggressive in evaluating acquisition targets that accelerate our plans.


I have been fortunate to help lead some great technology companies and grow them into market leaders. As a Jive board member, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many Jivers over the last two years. During that time, I have seen many of the same qualities that make companies great: a laser focus on customers and partners, awesome products, and a smart, passionate team. We have a big year lined up, and I look forward to working with everyone in the Jive community as we continue to bring the Social Business Software revolution to enterprises worldwide.


While I’ll be leading Jive through this transition, I do want to recognize and congratulate Dave Hersh on leading Jive to where we are today. Dave’s leadership helped steer Jive through massive tech industry and macroeconomic challenges to become number one in Social Business Software. And Jive customers and partners should know that Dave isn’t going far. As Chairman of the Board, Dave will continue to be active in strategic planning, in meeting with customers, and in inspiring the Jive team to reach for the stars. Dave shares more thoughts on this transition on his JiveTalks blog.


As the market leader, we know expectations are high. We’ll keep driving hard to the hoop, and I look forward to updating you on our progress.


Thanks for your support!


Tony Z.

Thank You Dave

Posted by matt.tucker.deactivated Feb 22, 2010

Jive's history has included many big decisions and transition points. Dave stepping down as our CEO and becoming Chairman definitely qualifies. One thing Jive's co-founder Bill Lynch and I want to recognize Dave for is his consistent leadership at these critical moments. Looking back through our history, there are many company-defining examples -- taking on more office space to prepare for growth, hiring an executive for a role we'd never had before, seeking venture capital and making acquisitons. In each of those cases and many others, Dave was the voice in the room pushing us to think bigger and to go faster. Dave leading the search for a new CEO to take Jive to the next level is absolutely part of that pattern.


I remember one thought experiment Dave led us through in the early years, which was to try to imagine Jive as a one hundred person company. Perhaps the conversation was accompanied by White Russians? Memory is hazy, though it would fit... especially in the NYC days before we Jive moved west and the Portland beer culture invaded. It's amazing to reflect back now and realize that the almost impossible sounding dream from years ago is now reality twice-over. And that we are poised now for so much more.


Bill and I have never been more excited about -- or committed to -- Jive and our mission of making work social again. Thank you Dave for getting us this far and for your continued role in the next phase.

My Transition

Posted by djhersh Feb 22, 2010

I'm stepping down as CEO and stepping up as Chairman of the Board.


As you can imagine, it's a tough decision for me. But I have no doubts it's the right one. I've had a unique opportunity over the last eight and a half years to lead this company from a small open source project with no revenue to the growing leader of the social business movement.


But after a chance to consider what's best for Jive, I've decided that it's time to step down. The opportunity is massive and the growth is fast and furious.  While I know I could reinvent myself for this next phase and continue to act as the CEO, it would be like trying to change a tire on a car going 120 mph. I would rather support someone else who has "seen the movie" and can ensure that we're doing everything we can to be a great company. We have a lot of big investments to make across the board and it's incredibly important that we find someone who can crank up the volume and lead us through this period.


I wanted to announce this now and make sure the story got out there correctly (since it would likely come out anyway if we tried to run a confidential search). Also, I want to be clear that this was my decision; neither Sequoia Capital nor the board put any pressure on me. Frankly, in their eyes I've done a great job getting results and building out a rockstar organization, and I've always had their full support. The company is poised for greatness. The timing is ideal for bringing on new leadership while I help with the strategy from behind the scenes.


So what happens next? My first major initiative as Chairman will be to find my replacement. The search will start immediately and we expect to have some world class candidates lined up quickly. In the meantime, Tony Zingale, one of our board members, and a big mentor for me over these last few years, has gracefully agreed to step in as interim CEO. Tony's got incredible experience with the big moves we're making, so he'll give us a powerful head start while I focus on finding the next leader.


Jive has been a second family to me, and it's been an honor to have led a team of such passionate and talented people. And it's not just our employees who have inspired me, but also our customers. It's been a extraordinary ride and I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to grow as a person along with the company. Your support over the years has been fuel for my own journey as well as Jive's.


So thank you all. I look forward to keeping the momentum going as I step into the role of Chairman.

Buh-Bye, Email?

Posted by benkiker Feb 8, 2010

I couldn't resist but think of the classic clip from Ellen Degeneres' stand up act when I was jotting down ideas for this blog. While I realize we may never completely say "farewell" to email, it's fascinating to see questions on the future of email make their way to center stage.


Back in October, Jessica Vascellaro of the Wall Street Journal started an online firestorm with her article, "Why Email No Longer Rules," generating a heated debate among readers, with 200 people commenting about whether or not email is in a death spiral.


Fast forward just a few months, and now Gartner weighs in on the subject in their Gartner Predicts 2010: Social Software is an Enterprise Reality report which leads with this little bombshell:



By 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20 percent of business users.



Here's the "wake up and smell the coffee" reality: Social Business Software is much better equipped than e-mail to handle the rich business conversations that are a reality of today's flattened world. And SBS is an incredible tool for leveraging the right people at the right time to help you work better. As we're fond of saying at Jive, "reply all" is no way to collaborate. The report went on to say, "social networking will prove to be more effective than e-mail for certain business activities" and that changing demographics "will lead 20 percent of users to make a social network the hub of their business communications" over the next four years.


Social Business Software is an enterprise reality, but it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Gartner also notes that IT-led efforts to "bolt-on" social features to existing platforms will result in a "more than 70 percent failure rate." No doubt that you will hear a lot about trying to make big IT implementations "more social," but it takes a lot more than adding a Facebook-ish interface or opening a support case from a tweet to make business social. Jive has built a native SBS platform over nine years of working closely with some of the largest - and most innovative - companies in the world. Companies who have their sights set on big outcomes, and are using Jive SBS today to achieve those outcomes.


If you're looking to move beyond "reply all," give us a call. We'd love to share more on how the world's #1 rated Social Business Software solution can make an immediate impact on your business.

Hi, I'm Ari Newman. I was Founder and President at Filtrbox, and am now going to be managing the Jive Market Engagement (JME)  platform at Jive. Its been an exciting first few weeks as a Jive employee and I wanted to tell you a little more about myself before I go any further. I've been involved in early-stage technology companies for over 13 years, and have been passionate about disruptive technologies for as long as I can remember. This is why I started Filtrbox, and why I'm so excited to be part of Jive. Social Business software is changing the way companies operate, and Jive is leading the revolution! You can find more about me here, and on Twitter.


It’s only been a couple of weeks since Filtrbox and Jive joined forces, but I’m already more excited than ever about the combination of the two companies. We were confident going in it would be a great culture fit—we’re both equally passionate about providing intuitive tools that people love to use, and share a vision for helping companies leverage the power of the real-time Web to improve responsiveness, efficiency, and profitability. Now that we are  drilling deeper into the solutions we’ll deliver in the coming months and years, and the way our customers will use them, the full potential of our joint efforts is becoming clear.


The reality is simple: the Social, real-time Web is where it’s happening today—it’s where brands are made or ruined, where buyers look for guidance, where market trends first emerge, where influencers from top analysts to the trendsetter down the street spread their word-of-mouth. This has a lot of different implications for businesses—here are just a couple:
  • Social media is either an uncontrolled X factor that keeps you up at night, or a new source of actionable intelligence you can put to work in powerful new ways. It comes down to whether you have the right tools in place, and whether you have empowered the organization to jump in.
  • It’s also now clear that social media is a new communication channel for customer service, maybe the most important one yet. The evolution started with phone support, then help tickets, then email, then Web-based support—each step brought companies closer to their customers. The social Web is the next step, and it brings you closer than you’ve ever been, in real-time. As long as you’re set up to use it, that is—otherwise, it’s the other guy who’s getting closer to your customers.


For enterprises and brand managers, the exciting thing about making Filtrbox part of Jive is that it combines real time social media monitoring and engagement with social business software so you can fully take advantage of what’s happening on the Web. Think of it this way: Filtrbox helps you identify important conversations and Jive gives you the community in which to have a meaningful interaction around them. Together, they help you do things like:
  • Breaking social media monitoring out of its silo and making it easy for more people in the company to listen, interact, and respond to customers where they live online
  • More than just posting links—actually using social media insights to fuel private conversations among experts across the enterprise so they can make better-informed decisions, faster
  • Preserving the full meaning and value of customer feedback by keeping it in its original context—tweets, blog posts, comments, etc.—so it retains its spirit and sense of urgency (nothing kills momentum faster than copying text from the Web to email to a document to another email …)
  • Making business conversations more fluid by keeping them in that same social media context. After all, what document-based discussion has ever been as dynamic, engaging, and fast-paced as a good Twitter interaction?


As I see it, with this acquisition, social media monitoring and engagement is rising out of its infancy. The months ahead are going to transform the way companies engage with their customers, and unlock incredible new business value in the real-time Web. I’m pretty psyched about it.
If you’re as excited as I am, sign up for a trial of Filtrbox and join the revolution!

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