Icons by Fire

Blog Post created by sam_lawrence on Dec 13, 2006

As part of our series on "the evolution of" visual elements of Clearspace, we wanted to share a bit of the icon journey. Like all our applications, Clearspace is incredibly customizable. The overall look and feel can be drastically changed with just a touch of CSS. As well, Clearspace's icons can be universally replaced. That said, we take a lot of effort to make sure the application looks great out of the box. For Clearspace's new icons, we employed Firewheel Design to tackle the challenge.


The icons

We have used the Silk icon set in the past and like it a lot. But as Clearspace had new content types and functionality, we wanted to arrive at some new icons that worked with Silk but were unique to Clearspace. This ended up being a whole lot harder than we thought. Some of the evolutionthe discussion, blog and wiki iconography is below.


The hardest icon was the one for the wiki, which would either look too much like a Word document or too esoteric (the leaf was supposed to represent the organic, growing aspect of wikis). The blog icon was hard too, it started getting a too rss-like. But ultimately, we arrived at a number that we were happy with. The final icons in Clearspace are on the far right, above.


Next, up...the evolution of the UI.