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Posted by djhersh Aug 31, 2006

This was a blog I did for the Inc. 500 alumni network, but most people can't see it, so I thought I would share:



Just Signed a Big SAP OEM Deal

Posted by djhersh Aug 29, 2006

After using Jive Forums for over two years internally to power the[SAP Developer Network|] (SDN), the folks at SAP saw a huge growth in participation, as well as a desire by their customers to have the same community collaboration functionality on the SAP stack.


So we just signed an OEM agreement whereby SAP will include Jive Forums as a standard part of the SAP NetWeaver portal application. You can check out the huge growth in participation[press release|] for more information.


Needless to say, we're fired up about the deal. Any chance we have to get our application into the hands of more users is great, and you can't do much better than SAP for broad distribution :).


Nimbuzz: Skype for Mobile Phones

Posted by matt Aug 22, 2006

Nimbuzz recently launched a beta version of their service. It provides free instant messaging as well as a very cool VOIP service for your mobile phone (like what Skype provides for your PC). Best of all (at least from my perspective), their IM back-end is powered by Wildfire. Nimbuzz is a great example of how communications are converging in innovative ways. As we're seeing with a number of customers, Wildfire is in the thick of that process.


My lame U.S. phone doesn't have J2ME support so I haven't been able to actually try the service yet. I'll have to hunt down somebody in the office with the required equipment...


We're number 443!

Posted by sam_lawrence Aug 22, 2006

Not a chant you hear too much but we certainly were doing it around the office today when we found out that we earned a place on the 2006 Inc.500 list as the 443rd fastest-growing privately held business in America. The full list will be put up tomorrow on their website and we'll show up on page 177 of the September issue (we got an advanced copy).

Next year we hope to break the record for the fastest climbing privately held Inc. 500 winner ever. Look out #1!



Posted by sam_lawrence Aug 8, 2006

Poor Matt. He rode his bike to work at the beginning of the summer and it's been parked on our bike racks gathering Every week, the assortment of Jiver's bikes come in and out but somehow his remains in the same spot. One of the funniest parts of it is that recently he was interviewed by SOA and told them he loved riding his bike to work. Thing is, this year it's been one-way. Ahem. Anyway, somehow the Jivers noticed and left him a little note...



A chat a few weeks ago at our OSCON party with our friends from Krugle got me thinking again about the ability to search across multiple community sites -- essentially getting search results from communities other than the one you were searching from. Companies could agree to be available to/from different communities through an opt-in affiliation process.


My guess is that there is a good cross-section of our customers (and sites with other platforms) that would be interested, but implementation would raise some questions: Would you have to go to the other site to read the full thread? What information could be exposed via the search? Could people on one community discuss threads in another? RSS? Web services?

Given that companies invest a fair amount in their communities, the implementation needs to protect that investment and shouldn't lead to content ownership issues like the Flickr/Zooomr situation. It should instead serve to a) get questions answered more quickly, b) get people involved in other communities, c) avoid redundant questions on different communities and d) provide a richer dialogue.


It's a nice step towards interoperability, open standards, etc. We have had some good discussions on it in the past, and I would love to see those discussions get pushed further in the coming years.


Vanderzand It

Posted by matt Aug 6, 2006

Over the past couple months, anytime we want to make a GUI prettier and more functional, you'll hear someone say "Vanderzand it!".  The phrase was coined in honor of Jive's first dedicated web designer/developer (with the unique last name of Vanderzanden). You'll find the latest Vanderzanding below -- a "before" picture of the Wildfire 3.0 setup tool and an "after" shot of the upcoming Wildfire 3.1 setup tool.


<a class="tt-flickr" href=""><img width="240" height="134" border="0" alt="before" src="" /></a>


<a class="tt-flickr" href=""><img width="240" height="139" border="0" alt="after" src="" /></a>

A good-looking user interface has intrinsic value. It forms the first impression of an application -- before they determine the depth of features or stability, users form an opinion based on looks. The UI also plays a long-term role since users want to keep coming back to apps that are both beautiful and functional.


Look out for a lot more Vanderzanding in Wildfire in the near future.

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