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Thank you to all of our customers who attended last weeks webinar: Engage Remote Workers with a Virtual Office. We had a great turn out and an engaging demonstration packed into an hour.  We collected some great questions from the audience that we have documented here.


In the webinar, we take you through an interactive virtual tour, and explain how to get started with a virtual office space using Sococo as part of your Aurea Unlimited subscription benefits. You can watch the webinar recording here.


If you have additional questions you can ask them here and we will get back to you with the answers.



Q. How can I try out Sococo to see if it will work in my organization?

A. Sococo offers a free trial and it's very quick to set up, invite your team, and get started. The Sococo Team of dedicated product experts will provide tips on how to take your online office to the next level and are available to answer your product questions during the trial.


Q. What are the different content types and communication tools that integrate with Sococo?

A. Sococo works with many communication tools including

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Google Hangouts
  • Webex Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams

Q. What is the time frame for the Sococo integrated tile in Jive? Looks very good!

A. We are testing it right now with a few early adopters.  We anticipate general availability, by the end of this year.  Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to participate in our early adopter Labs.

Q. Is the Sococo client only available for windows OS?

A. It is available as a client on Windows and Mac.  It is also available as a web application for browsers (Chrome recommended).

Q. Is there SSO/LDAP set up and linking to Jive profiles/accounts that exist already? Or do people have new profiles in Sococo?

A. Yes, there is an SSO between Jive and Sococo so that your identity is the same in both systems and you don’t have to log in multiple times.

Q. How do you create a room map?

A. Every department, every organization, every team can have their own floor.  We have hundreds of different space layouts already pre built. If you wanted to leverage different maps for different spaces, whether they're large or small, we have them.  If you want to create your own custom floor that mimics your physical space,  that's something we would work on together.  It involves creating the floor map in SVG, and then we upload it into the system where you're able to utilize that map inside of a Sococo as an option for a space.

Q. Can you "overrule" individual video conversations in a virtual office and make everyone follow one keynote that is ongoing in the middle of the office, like a stage?

A. Sococo is designed to work just as a physical office would operate, with many of the same social norms. A meeting in a Sococo conference room would mimic a real life conference room where each participant would be able to speak to any and all other participants. Just like IRL, sometimes the participant conversations will occur during the meeting speaker’s presentation. If a team or organization wanted to conduct an all-hands or large gathering, then we recommend using a webinar format from one of the integrated services (e.g. Zoom or WebEx). Your team would still go to the virtual conf room in Sococo and then click a button to join the webinar.

Q. Are there any mobile apps planned?

A. There are no mobile apps planned for Sococo as the map metaphor isn’t suited to small screens. However, the Action Rooms we demonstrated are available as mobile Jive spaces (Jive Daily or Jive Responsive). This enables access to shared resources in a virtual room. Further, the Sococo chat feature integrates with Slack to enable conversations within Sococo and Slack clients (mobile or desktop).

Thank you to everyone that submitted a question.  To learn more about Sococo sign up for a free trial.

According to Gartner, 80% of company leaders plan to permit remote work after the pandemic.


That’s the reason so many of our customers are trying out Sococo, a powerful virtual office that workers report to every day just like a physical office

(complete with desks, conference rooms, and even break rooms).  Sococo is our most popular new product, with adoption up 500% this year alone.

Watch the recorded webinar to preview one of our most in demand and easy-to-adopt products.

  • See how Sococo works and experience it yourself.
    In our interactive demo, you’ll see firsthand how Sococo boosts connection and fosters spontaneous collaboration.

  • Learn how to get your own virtual office.
    As an Aurea customer, you can start using Sococo today as part of your Unlimited benefits, at no additional cost.

Join Taylor Sterling and Neil Dholakia as they take you on an interactive virtual tour and discuss how to get started using Sococo today.

>>Watch the webinar recording<<


The current coronavirus pandemic has shifted the landscape of our daily lives in countless ways. As we navigate new territory at home and at work, one thing is clear: communication has never been more important.  Organizations are moving quickly to ensure they have the right tools to stay connected to employees and provide critical, real-time information. Many are also navigating how to support employees during the transition to remote work arrangements.


Over these last few weeks, we’ve seen a dramatic spike in usage across our products that provide exactly these types of services. Jive usage has risen almost 30% and demand for AlertFind, our emergency mass notification system, has jumped significantly as well. As an Aurea customer, access to these tools is included in your current Aurea subscription. If you’re not already, you can start using them today.


These unprecedented circumstances have businesses looking for fast solutions to new challenges. Our bundle of remote work and notification solutions can help. AlertFind is a great place to start. It’s the world’s leading emergency mass notification system, designed for scenarios precisely like COVID-19.


With AlertFind, you can:

  • Quickly send multi-channel notifications to any size group via email, landline, mobile phone, and SMS text message
  • Allow team members to respond, enabling two-way communication to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible
  • Exceed the industry’s most stringent requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy


Getting started is easy. It’s one of the most lightweight products in the library and Basic implementation is available at no additional cost. If you need to quickly integrate AlertFind into existing systems, consider Premium onboarding. We offer multiple integrations and work with you to define your requirements.


Regardless of your implementation package, licenses, message delivery, and support for AlertFind are all included with your Unlimited subscription. Read the datasheet for more information on AlertFind capabilities.


Other Aurea solutions can also support the “new normal” of remote work. AlertFind plays a key role in Aurea Crisis Management, where it integrates with Jive to provide a comprehensive communication hub during a crisis like the current coronavirus. As a standalone solution, Jive Interactive Internet enables effective collaboration and boosts productivity as the workforce shifts toward telecommuting.


These challenging times demand news ways of thinking and acting to keep both people and businesses healthy. As your partner, we encourage you to take advantage of these solutions to put you and your organization in a position to succeed. Reach out to your Account Executive to get started.

This morning we announced the pending acquisition of BroadVision - a provider of powerful document creation and collaboration tools that will strengthen our collaboration suite of products.


This addition strengthens our collaboration suite of products, and provides a solution to many organizations particularly in highly regulated industries for complex document creation and publishing.


As we welcome BroadVision customers to the Aurea family, I look forward to sharing more information about the acquisition -- as well as opportunities for Aurea customers to leverage this solution through the Unlimited product library.

San Diego needs no introduction: it’s full of incredible beaches, art galleries, parks, and one of the most famous zoos in the world. This year, it’s home to Aurea Experience 20, and we have an incredible event planned for you.


Our home base will be the award-winning InterContinental San Diego, the newest and most luxurious hotel in the city. It’s literally minutes away from everything —  from downtown to Little Italy — and I know you’ll love the view of the San Diego Bay from your guest room.  



You’ve probably seen the incredible speaker and session lineup we have planned for you, and if you haven’t, take a look. You’ll hear the present and future of your Aurea solutions, straight from our Chief Product Officer. Some of the most successful companies in the world will share how they’re using Jive and Aurea CRM. And bestselling business author Greg McKeown will talk about new ways to become more successful by doing less, but achieving more.


In addition to the learning opportunities, we’ve been hard at work creating some great networking and entertainment experiences for you throughout your stay, and one of my favorites is just a short walk from the hotel. The USS Midway was the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century. It was commissioned on September 10, 1945 — missing World War II by just one week — and proudly served through Vietnam, the Cold War, and Operation Desert Storm.


At Aurea Experience 20, you’ll spend an entertaining evening aboard the USS Midway, complete with live music, classic American cuisine, and no shortage of amazing photo opportunities. We’ll take tours of the ship, enjoy the stunning San Diego sunset with panoramic views from the flight deck, and even climb into the cockpits of several of the more than 30 restored aircraft and helicopters on the flight and hangar decks. From content to networking and hospitality, the entire event will be a valuable and memorable experience — I can’t wait to meet you personally in San Diego.


If you haven’t registered for the event or booked your hotel room yet, be sure to take a minute to do so now. I can’t wait to see you in San Diego!

Please read our latest plans for Aurea Experience 20 in Berlin.


Berlin is one of Europe’s most incredible cities, and I’m thrilled that we’re hosting Aurea Experience 20 there. We’ve picked a legendary hotel in the heart of the historic city: the Adlon Kempinski, named one of Fodor’s Finest hotels in the world. For over 110 years, it’s been a luxurious home away from home to guests like Charlie Chaplin, Queen Elizabeth II, and Barack Obama.


You’ve probably seen the exciting speaker and session lineup we have planned for you - if you haven’t, take a look. You’ll hear the present and future of your Aurea solutions, straight from our Chief Product Officer. Some of the most successful companies in the world will share how they’re using Jive and Aurea CRM. And bestselling business author Greg McKeown will talk about new ways to become more successful by doing less, but achieving more.



To top the event off, we’ve created a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am especially excited about. Tucked away in a historic train depot is one of the world’s most valuable collections of cars — from priceless classics to multi-million dollar modern supercars. Some of the finest are even kept in climate-controlled glass cubes in the building’s central courtyard.


It’s more than a museum, though: it’s where some of the most expensive automobiles in existence today are meticulously restored, test-driven, maintained, and even sold. The displays are constantly changing, but have featured historic vehicles ranging from the Benz Patent-Motorwagen Victoria (released in 1893 with a top speed of 16 km/h) to the LaFerrari (released in 2013 with a top speed exceeding 349 km/h). 


We’ll spend an entire evening exploring the collection, networking, and enjoying world-class, German inspired cuisine together. From content, to networking to hospitality, the entire event will be a valuable and memorable experience — I can’t wait to meet you personally in Berlin.


If you haven’t registered for the event or booked your hotel room yet, be sure to take a minute to do so now. I can’t wait to see you in Berlin!

I love cars, so it’s hard not to be excited about one of the evenings we have planned in Berlin at Aurea Experience 20. We’ll get the rare opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s greatest car collections in-person — surrounded by live jazz, German-inspired cuisine, and everything from early Aston Martin exotics to modern Bugatti hypercars. I can’t wait.


But it’s also the largest gathering of CRM and Jive users in the world, and there’s a ton I am excited about — such as the newly announced learning sessions.


A blog post can barely scratch the surface, but I’ll highlight a few of my favorite sessions planned for Berlin below. Take a minute to register now (if you haven’t already), and don’t forget to book your hotel room!



Starting with CRM . . .


This 10 – 11 March in Berlin, CRM experts can look forward to learning:


  • The CRM State of the Union, including an updated overview of the market, the state of mobile CRM, and a deep dive into our 12-month roadmap.
  • Valuable integrations you can use to make Aurea CRM more collaborative, increase customer satisfaction, and help sales teams reach their goals better and faster.
  • How to turn Aurea CRM into an email marketing automation powerhouseLearn how sales and marketing can use ACRM to drive enhanced ROI from your investment.
  • How other experts are using Aurea CRM. Take a peek at top customer deployments and the business results they are achieving.


. . . and finishing with Jive


For Jive experts, we’re even offering a pre-event boot camp with beginner and advanced tracks. You can opt-in to the bootcamp for free during your regular conference registration. In Berlin, Jive experts will learn:


  • Powerful new ways to use customer journeys and design thinking to connect employees and solve their biggest pain points — and how they’re used at Lloyds Banking Group, the largest retail bank in the UK.
  • Tips for automating business processes using Jive, including the selection criteria, lessons learned, and key Jive features that MTS Bank Russia used to automate their own business processes.
  • Advanced strategies for using news streams and Jive Daily — and how Rehau uses them to reach all 20k of their employees, regardless of their role, country, language, or location.
  • How to take social learning to a new level, and how one company used these strategies to create an educational and collaborative environment for more than 16,000 legal professionals.


Remember, registration and attendance are free: you pay only for travel and lodging. If you haven’t already, register now — and I look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

A few weeks ago, we unveiled the incredible entertainment we have planned for you in San Diego at Aurea Experience 20: an evening aboard the USS Midway, complete with live music and photo ops with fighter jets.


That’s a tough act to follow. As Jive experts, though, you come to San Diego to learn, network, and leave with valuable new ideas for how you can get even more engagement and value from your community. We’ve built the perfect agenda for that, and I’m excited to unveil a few of the sessions I think you’ll be most excited about.



  • One of my favorites is around engaging frontline workers —  the people who help clients in person and aren’t often at a desk. Naturally, they tend to spend less time on the internet, so they may not be as prominent in your community.  At Aurea Experience 20, Filtration Group will share their top lessons for creating community in a front-line workforce — including over 7,000 employees in 28 countries


  • We’ll also talk about the importance (and the practice) of growing a learning culture. Cleveland Clinic has an incredible story of how they use Jive to create a continuously-learning healthcare workforce, and I know it will resonate with community managers and executives across every industry.


  • Royal Bank of Canada is the largest bank in Canada, and they’re using Jive in some incredibly creative new ways. We’ll dive deep into new ways to imagine the social platform, and how they’re using Jive and advanced integrations to encourage other business units to bring big ideas to life.


  • Building on that, the experts at Ripple Effect Group will give us a glimpse at creative new ways other companies are using Jive. We’ll share innovative ways to demonstrate value, and even how to reimagine what Jive can do for your business.


  • And as always, we’ll have plenty of demos, a look at the future of Jive with Chief Product Officer Alan Fletcher, and even a pre-event Jive Boot Camp Workshop with sessions for both beginners and experts.


If you haven’t already, register to join us today and be sure to book your hotel by February 13th, 2020 to get a special early-bird rate of $249 / night (regularly $269).


I hope to meet you in-person in San Diego!

We promised a major speaker announcement soon, and it’s here: New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and top Harvard Business Review and BBC Capital blogger Greg McKeown is coming to Aurea Experience 20.


He’s the author behind the transformative book, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” and his ideas have helped innovate how work gets done at some of the most celebrated companies in the world (like Apple and Google).


Essentialism is McKeown’s system for doing less, but better — so you can make the highest possible contributions. On stage at Aurea Experience 20, he’ll share how companies, teams, and people can pursue less to become more effective, successful, and profitable.


McKeown is one of the most sought after speakers on leadership, peak performance, and business growth — and we’re thrilled he’s joining us in both Berlin and San Francisco.


If you’re interested in changing how your company thinks and works, and challenging conventional wisdom to break through to the next level in your career and business, you won’t want to miss McKeown’s keynote at Aurea Experience 20.



Remember, your conference registration is complimentary, courtesy of Aurea. If you haven’t already, RSVP today.


Berlin, Germany - March 10-11, 2020


San Diego, California - April 1-2, 2020

The new Ver11.9 from Aurea is launched and available since a few time. So often in software business people are scared to move to the newest version. They wait and wait…. But you shouldn`t wait in this case! You should go to 11.9. Frankly I was a bit surprised about the massive positive feedback from my technical team. But if this comes from the technical guys it is double worth it. And I was curious to get some more details from my team.  What they told me is that quality and performance is high class.


I took this chance to make an overview about the SYNERGY installed base and the different versions our clients use. I am pleased to share it with you. In the sample are not all SYNERGY customers but a group of 34 SYNERGY clients. So it is representative.


Since the poll started some further clients went productive with 11.9 and I know from many other clients that they intend to go onto 11.9 this year.


One famous soccer coach said “After the game is before the game.” I am excited to check the figures again in December this year - to see how many switched to 11.9 - if you like to share with me please let me know!  Give me call +49 172 4518730 or any comment on this plattfrom.


As one of the most destructive natural disasters, hurricanes cost organizations billions of dollars every year. Even if your business isn’t in a hurricane zone, you can still be significantly impacted by these massive, seasonal  storms — particularly if you have clients, partners or suppliers in areas of high risk. It’s imperative that organizations everywhere have a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan in place.


We’ve put together everything you need to plan and protect your organization from a hurricane, including step-by-step advice and expert recovery strategies.


Get started today to:

  • Learn how a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan can protect your employees, operations, and sales
  • Build your own emergency preparedness plan, following step-by-step advice to create a comprehensive plan custom-tailored to your organization
  • Learn other top immediate steps you can take today, directly from a recognized hurricane preparedness expert.


Does your business operate in a hurricane zone — or do your employees, clients, partners, and  suppliers?


Preemptively assess, educate and prepare with our AlertFind preparedness materials.


In today’s business climate, threats are everywhere. Terrorism is expanding to incorporate new weapons, like vehicles and drones. Global air travel is aiding the spread of infectious illnesses that can quickly become pandemics. And cyber-attacks are booming.


That’s exactly why organizations like yours invested in Emergency Notification Systems to begin with: to protect employees, protect property, and keep your entire business safe. Having an Emergency Notification System like AlertFind is a huge part of preparedness, ensuring you can reach every member of your organization in the event of a disaster.


But as threats evolve, the way you plan for risks must evolve as well. Look at how hacking alone has escalated over the past few years: companies now face real threats from state-sponsored attacks, ransomware, and even exploiting IoT devices to gain access to critical infrastructure and assets. Case in point: When hackers targeted a casino’s high-roller database, they gained access through the web-connected thermometer in the lobby’s fish tank.


To plan effectively and safeguard your people and your company, your risk assessments must:

  • Be continually updated. Risk planning isn’t a one and done effort: it should be a dedicated, year-round function within most organizations.
  • Go beyond simply safeguarding data and IT. 181,000 global terrorist attacks were recorded between 1970 and 2017. Plan for employee health and safety as well. 
  • Consider the impact of globalization. Assess how events on the other side of the globe could seriously impact global supply chains and your business continuity.


To help, we’ve put together an entire guide dedicated to understanding and planning for new emerging threats that could catch some companies unprepared. Take the first step in refreshing your own plans by learning more about these threats in our new eBook.


Our comprehensive eBook covers:

  • The three emerging threats every business needs to watch
  • How these threats are affecting businesses
  • The importance of incorporating these threats into risk assessments
  • How local, state and federal agency resources help build awareness
  • The best sources of information about these new threats


View the eBook

Earlier this month, one of our healthcare experts, Amit Malhotra, published an article on digital collaboration in Health IT Outcomes. It covered the critical nature communications plays in the complex provider ecosystem, and explored some key benefits effective collaboration can deliver to support value-based care models and care coordination.


Find out more on the Jive blog.


Even the strongest community can go flat over time - but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Join Senior Strategy Consultant Michelle Gantt to learn six proven, actionable strategies to revitalize your community, including how to:

  • Address issues with search and content relevancy
  • Determine the specific reason your community is struggling
  • Train employees to customize their individual streams
  • Create a network of advocates to enhance engagement


Watch the webinar on demand:  How to Revitalize Your Community: 6 Proven Strategies


You can also learn about these six strategies in Michelle's blog series:

New Jive customers often ask about best practices for rolling out their interactive intranet. From watching what works and doesn't work across all our customers over the years, we've distilled key lessons into six tips, which we explored in this recent blog post:


1. Appoint a community manager 

2. Prepare for the most popular use cases

3. Empower company influencers and advocates

4. Have executives lead by example

5. Incentivize participation

6. Ask yourself, “What does success look like?”


Do these ring true? Are there any other top best practices you'd add to the list?

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