Sagar Patel

Speaker Highlights: Don’t miss these 3 sessions in San Diego

Blog Post created by Sagar Patel Employee on Feb 25, 2020

April 1 – 2 is rapidly approaching, and you won’t want to miss the incredible customer presenters we have lined up for San Diego. This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll highlight the sessions you can expect at Aurea Experience 20 — starting this week with speakers from Filtration Group, Thornton Thomasetti, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Braskem S.A.


Filtration Group operates 22 businesses in 28 countries — with over 7,000 employees spanning industries like manufacturing and life sciences. Yet only half of their employees have email addresses.


They’ll share how workers in their plant (and other desk-less workers) are using kiosks to access Jive, where they’re able to both read and contribute to a thriving community. You’ll also learn their top tips for engaging a front-line workforce, and what they’re planning next with Jive.


It’s a great story from one of our newest customers. Don’t miss the chance to see just how much they’ve done with Jive since joining the family in 2018.



Thornton Thomsetti and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) will lead a valuable talk on empowering community leaders. We couldn’t be more excited about this session: it brings together two innovative customers who are experts at training and empowering employees using Jive — and the conversation promises to be lively.


British Columbia Institute of Technology have used Jive since 2012 as their single collaboration platform across the entire faculty and staff. It’s even a critical component of how they develop their curriculum and share technical documentation. BCIT’s Kenzie Woodbridge will share her experiences training the entire team to use Jive, and how their culture has switched from complaining about collaboration tools to wanting to use them in even more robust ways.


Thornton Thomasetti provides engineering design, investigation, and analysis to clients around the world, and they’ve used Jive since 2016 as their intranet and collaboration platform. Now, they’re rolling out an amazing “community of practice initiative” designed to identify and empower top collaboration champions to take their communities to the next level.


Liz Uva will talk about the entire process — from how to find the best community leaders to their favorite tools and features for empowerment. It’s a must-see session for anyone interested in building a more vibrant, active community.



Braskem S.A. is the largest petrochemical company in the Americas, founded in 2002 by a merger of six companies. With an aging workforce (and a 5 to 8-year lifespan for the highly-specialized equipment that powers their industry), capturing knowledge is critical.


Rafael Navarro, head of knowledge management, will share how they are retaining and sharing critical institutional knowledge using Jive. He’ll even discuss the technical aspects of their implementation (they connect Jive to Sharepoint), the escalating imperative to capture even more knowledge as a new wave of retirement approaches, and his top tips for using Jive empower near-retirees to help train new hires.


Stay tuned here for even more Aurea Experience 20 session highlights — and if you haven’t already, register today to join us.