• IDC's Quick Take: Aurea Brings Jive Collaboration Center Stage

    Hello AureaWorks Community!   I want to re-share an industry analyst point of view on last year's Aurea Experience 18. "Jive by Aurea collaboration users saw a "rebirth" of their platform at Aura Experience in Euro...
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  • Aurea Experience 18 Rewind: Highlights, Recordings, Winners and More

    JiveWorld is a tough act to follow. As part of the Aurea leadership team, I learned that when we went to JiveWorld to announce the acquisition almost two years ago. The event had great energy, great content, and most ...
    Eric Levine
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  • Congratulations to our Aurea Experience 2018 Gold Standard Award Winners!

    We hope everyone had a wonderful, engaging and informative time in Munich and New Orleans! Aurea Experience 18 was an amazing opportunity for customers, partners and Aureans to connect with each other and learn how to...
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  • How Aurea PeopleGraph is Unlocking Relationship Intelligence

    This afternoon at Aurea Experience 18, we issued our official announcement detailing the new Aurea PeopleGraph platform. For those of you who weren't able to watch Scott Brighton's keynote presentation live, check out...
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  • Vodafone Ukraine Dials Up an Award-Winning Digital Workplace

    As you may have heard, our long-time customer, Vodafone Ukraine, was recently honored with a Gold Step Two 2018 Intranet and Digital Workplace Award. The leading Ukrainian mobile operator has been using Jive for four ...
  • Aurea Experience 18's Mainstage Keynote by AWS on the Advantages of Graph Databases

    We're getting excited for Aurea Experience '18 Session Recordings and Presentations to kick off next month in Munich, and then this December in New Orleans. As we get closer to this next customer and partner conferenc...
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  • Fostering Social Work Habits in a Traditional Company

    A few years years ago, I had the privilege of working with Katrin Fischer, the social intranet project manager at Schaeffler Group, on the early stages of their Jive launch. The other day, I had a chance to catch up w...
    Michelle Gantt
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