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Aurea Experience 18 Rewind: Highlights, Recordings, Winners and More

Blog Post created by Eric Levine Employee on Feb 20, 2019

JiveWorld is a tough act to follow. As part of the Aurea leadership team, I learned that when we went to JiveWorld to announce the acquisition almost two years ago. The event had great energy, great content, and most importantly, an incredibly devoted group of customers.


When we starting thinking about how to evolve JiveWorld, we started right there: with our customers. We asked you what you loved about it and what could be better. We heard that five days is too long. You have families - and jobs - and five days in Vegas is a huge commitment. We heard that the Vegas scene is no longer as exciting as it once was. And we heard, overwhelmingly, that most of all you wanted to be able to learn from and connect with your peers.


yowguy of American Airlines leading a session on: Engaging Team Members Where They Are


Those were our marching orders. I’m proud to say that with 2018’s Aurea Experience events, I think we lived up to them.


We rethought Vegas and brought the show to Munich, to make it easier for our European customers to join, and New Orleans (hey, we couldn’t take all the fun out of it.) We concentrated the event down to two days. We worked hard to make sure that tightening the timeline didn’t shortchange the content, but instead forced us to prioritize only the most relevant presentations, stories and sessions.


Mixology reception at New Orleans


In Munich and New Orleans, we kicked off with a keynote from our CEO, Scott Brighton. Scott introduced our new Unlimited business model, then dove into the future of Jive. The headline here was PeopleGraph, our cutting-edge graphing technology powered by Amazon Neptune. PeopleGraph will allow us to put people at the center of Jive to deliver remarkable new benefits and capabilities by connecting people with each other - and the content that matters most.


CEO sbrighton on Aurea Unlimited and PeopleGraph


Subsequent keynotes from our product team and Amazon’s Brad Bebee provided even more detail around PeopleGraph. These teams did an excellent job of making something very technically complex feel tangible, explaining not only how it will work, but how it will impact your business. Jive has promised to put people at the center of its communities for years, and we’re thrilled that with PeopleGraph, we’re delivering on that promise.


CEO sbrighton on Aurea Unlimited and PeopleGraph


Amazon's Brad Beebe on AWS Neptune


For more on PeopleGraph, I highly recommend Scott’s detailed blog series on the topic: part 1, part 2part 3, and part 4. Each is a chapter in the PeopleGraph story, and I think you'll find them engaging, informative and exciting in terms of the value we can unlock together.


The heart and soul of Aurea Experience 18, though, came from you. The user-led content was just outstanding. Many of the sessions were standing room only. Jive experts from Thomson Reuters, Lloyds Banking, American Airlines, and more shared their wisdom and experience to an energized and engaged audience. We knew that the Jive customer base was one of its greatest strengths, but it was still remarkable to see it in action.


Aurea's VP of Product, Shai Sagi on technology behind PeopleGraph


All of the sessions from both Munich and New Orleans are now available on AureaWorks. Each and every one is worth a watch.


Finally, it was our pleasure to recognize the individuals who are truly showcasing what Jive can do at their organizations. Our seven Gold Standard Award Winners are an inspiration to all of us and it was an honor to hear their stories and successes. You can read more about each of them here.




Aurea Experience '18 Session Recordings and Presentations - our reimagination of  JiveWorld - was a celebration of what you’ve done and where we’re going – together. Thanks again to all of you who attended, and especially those of you  who presented. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event - stay tuned for details on timing!