• AureaWorks Migration to Cloud: Issues

    Please add a comment below if you find something that is not quite right. Please include screenshots and/or links to what is happening and be as descriptive as possible. Thanks!
    Michelle Gantt
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  • A perk with registration at AureaWorks community

    A couple of weeks ago, I successfully managed to register with AureaWorks community, although I did not expect to run into unforeseen "perks" in the process of registration. Yesterday one of my colleagues also wanted...
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  • Does Jive have a basic widget for admin-created text and link content?

    Hey folks,   I've worked with Jive before, but all of the widgets available to me don't allow for just adding basic content (text and links, mostly). I'm looking to build a bit of a wiki if it will support it.   Are...
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  • Can I change the Jive "Privacy Policy URL" label on the Cookie Consent Banner?

    Our problem is that we have two related policies, one for privacy and one for cookies. Our GDPR DPO has instructed us to link to our cookie policy on the cookie consent banner. The fact I can set the URL to the cookie...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • AureaWorks bugs, post 9.0.4 upgrade

    A few more bugs: K-Codes in Search Can't mark as Helpful on Inbox page   K-Codes in Search k-codes, and quote marks instead of "by" and location information   lots more k-codes   And I cleared my cach...
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  • Search stuff

    Lucidworks test
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  • First Things First...

    Hello, I'm getting started with Jive and excited about it. I would like some suggestions on where and how to start.   Thank you.
  • Jive Community New Look

    Hi Will the icons be updated at any stage?  They are soooo dated...
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  • About the Jive Community - update

    Welcome to this new space in the Jive Community.   I want to let you all know that I will be working to beef this up in the coming days. I will be offline today for awhile, so don't let this rough beginning fool you....
    Libby Taylor
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