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Hello AureaWorks Community,


This note is to inform you that our weekend migration of AureaWorks to AWX (originally scheduled for 3/31) is temporarily delayed. Here is the latest from our Principal Engineer don.forbes:

Aurea SaaSOps encountered an unexpected issue with Amazon Web Service's DataSync Service that inhibited us from proceeding, and completing the migration.


During our multiple rounds of testing, this issue did not present itself with a severity that could cause a delay, nor have we seen any of our Staged, or other Production Migrations impacted by this. So far, each has been successful prior to AureaWorks.


Aurea's AWS Enterprise Technical Account Manager is working directly with Aurea SaaSOps, and together we have engaged the right people within AWS Engineering in order to quickly prove root-cause and see AWS push a confirmed code revision to their global service. This has been confirmed to be an AWS Global DataSync Service issue and not caused by our internal migration logic or procedures; those specific parts of the migration executed as designed with the expected results within communicated timelines.


We are working diligently and are absolutely dedicated to the collaboration with AWS to resolve this issue.


Aurea SaaSOps will be providing updates to the relevant involved stakeholders as soon as able. Once a fix is in place and has gone through additional testing on the AureaWorks data-set, we will work to coordinate a revised migration date.


I will continue to work closely with our engineering teams and update you once we have the migration rescheduled.


Thank you for your patience.