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Life is full of changes, and AureaWorks is no different! In early December we rebranded the community from JiveWorks to AureaWorks, introduced a new look and feel to the design, and introduced two new Aurea product spaces into AureaWorks: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community and Aurea Integration Solutions Community.

Now we are excited to announce that we have launched four new spaces for Aurea products! These include:

  • AlertFind Community - A product for enabling two-way multi-channel communications for emergencies and disruptions
  • Campaign Manager (ACM) Community - A cloud email marketing tool to deliver the right message at the right time
  • List Manager (ALM) Community - An on-premise email marketing tool to deliver the right message at the right time
  • [ARCHIVED] Messaging Solutions Community - A combination of three products to centralize email archive and discovery search, ensure email continuity even during a network interruption, and provide cloud-based email security for anti-spam, anti-virus, and content control


We are looking forward to inviting Aurea customers (along with all of you!) to these new spaces so that as we build engagement and activity, AureaWorks members will gain access to:

  • Product-specific executive communications
  • Product information and real-time updates
  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions, subject matter experts and the Aurea product teams

Of course, these spaces are available to the entire AureaWorks community, so stop by and take a look! Feel free to ask questions and start discussions if you're curious about other Aurea products (since you get them free anyway as part of Aurea Prime!).

Next month we will be rolling out the remaining Aurea products in AureaWorks, so stay tuned!

When I came to Jive in 2014, I was taking a gamble on this tool called Jive because I thought it could change the world. I still believe that collaborative tools like Jive can change the world via the way we work together. And it's this belief that I take with me as I leave Jive/Aurea on February 9.


Let's reminisce for a moment. This community has come a long way in the last (almost) four years. From a rag-tag collection of places managed by a large group of people, we've elevated the look and feel through several redesigns, conducted many upgrades and updates, reduced our key places and improved the community structure, focused the conversations and became clear on our purpose. The result is what you see here today in AureaWorks.


Being your community manager has been one of my greatest pleasures. Serving you and trying to make the community experience as enriching for newcomers as well as experienced members alike has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I hope that I've made your work-lives better as well as a result.


The acquisition by Aurea brought significant change for Jive and this community has rolled with it. We've added new business places and will continue to add places over the next few months. We are adding support staff every day and have plans to improve our support process for you across Aurea.


What's next for me. Most people don't mention where they are going when they leave but I want you to know what I believe in and what's next for me. My vision for the next phase of my career is shaped by Jive and its various mottos throughout the years.


I want to revolutionize how work gets done
using the power of human connection as fuel for the fire.


And I've got a company that I believe can truly make an impact in the world to put my personal power behind: Agilent Technologies. Before coming to Jive, I worked for Agilent, a company that produces innovations in life sciences, genomics, and chemical analysis. I'll be going back to a company that I consider home.


My final words of wisdom. Nothing is static. Evolve with change. And while change can be a bumpy ride, often we are led to some really great places as a result. I'm leaving you in great hands with Sarah O'Meara and kosheno.moore. They will carry on the torch for me. And who knows, you might see me around here in the community. I'll be a power user of Jive at Agilent and could need your advice someday!


Contact me in the future on: