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AureaWorks is here!

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Nov 27, 2017

As previously mentioned in my blog Change is happening for Jive.. and for JiveWorks as well, we have evolved JiveWorks to become the customer community for all Aurea products and customers.  With this evolution, our community has been renamed AureaWorks. Take a moment to appreciate the change before and after on our home page:


BEFORE as JiveWorks

AFTER as AureaWorks!


You'll now see a new look-and-feel for this community as well as changes to the top menus and navigation.


We've also welcomed two of Aurea's business units initially -- the Customer Experience (CX) Platform and Aurea Customer Relationship Management (AureaCRM) product -- with the rest of the company's products and business units being added in the new year.


As a result of the Aurea products being introduced to the community, new members will join us to get access to:

  • Company news and executive communications
  • Product information and real-time updates
  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions and subject matter experts


Eventually, we plan to offer new community members support through the community. While this transition will happen over time, we're encouraging our new members to jump in and join the conversations that are currently underway. This means you will start seeing a lot of new faces around the community, especially in the Customer Hub where all executive communications and pre-release updates and event invitations to customers will be published. Of course, we will still have Jive product-specific places, like Jive Platform where customers can find content specific to Jive's features and functionality.


Tips and tricks for getting around


Please join me in warmly welcoming our new community members and showing them the power of human connection inside our community!