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Change is happening in every facet of our company right now, for Jivers, Aureans as well as customers. With this transition underway, we are getting a clearer picture of how JiveWorks, our customer and partner community, will be impacted.


I attended a Jive+Aurea Marketing offsite last week in Austin that was very enlightening. We got clear direction from Eric Levine - Aurea's Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Berkowitz - Aurea's Chief Product Officer, as well as benc - Aurea's Chief Revenue Officer. Additionally, I've met with sbrighton - Aurea's CEO and Mowgli Montier - Aurea's SVP of Customer Experience (Support). I'm starting to develop a clear idea of where JiveWorks is headed and want to share some of that direction with you, our community members.


Changes for JiveWorks


  • JiveWorks will evolve into the Aurea customer community for all products & business units under Aurea. It just so happens that currently 25% of customers own Jive and another Aurea product. That number will continue to grow as Prime is offered to Jive clients and more products are adopted across the board. Additionally, we'll start to see more Aurea customers adopting Jive as part of their Prime offering. As a result, we are developing a plan to include the Aurea products on the JiveWorks community. The community will likely be renamed and rebranded at some point to reflect the broader nature of the community.


  • Ideas for Jive (in JiveWorks) will evolve into a idea brainstorming place for all products. Our methods for product development, engineering and support are changing in order to create a better core platform that includes bug fixes as well as new innovation. These new methods also align with Aurea's current process between product, engineering and support which has been successful with their other products. Because of these new methods, we will no longer have a product review process attached to Ideas for Jive. That said, submitting ideas in JiveWorks has a value for crowd-sourcing concepts and brainstorming for innovation. It also gives you, our community members, a way to track the suggestions and ideas that you care about. See Evolving Ideas for Jive


  • More places will be peer-to-peer supported. We're working with a leaner community staff so for many places, like Developers, Internal Communities and External Communities, we are going to be relying more on peer-to-peer support. As part of our Champions/Advocates program, we are offering our members peer-to-peer leadership opportunities and a chance to earn the Unicorn badge and lots of points! See: Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points for more info if you want to volunteer.


  • Cleaning up places & simplifying names. We don't have the bandwidth to track 50 places across the community, so we are combining places and shutting conversations down in some of the smaller, less active places. We'll be flattening the hierarchy of  spaces as well, especially in Products and Jive Training, and adding more places to the peer-to-peer volunteering Become a Unicorn list. Sarah and I will continue to watch the key places and respond to questions, move them when needed, or track down answers where we can.


In the coming months, you'll have the chance to get to know more about our new executive team, our new processes for customer success and support, as well as our product road map.


Be sure to follow the  Jive Customer Hub's blog so that you can stay on top of the webinar invitations and customer-only updates as they come in. See: The Best Way to Follow the Latest Product or Customer-Only Updates


Thanks in advance for your support!